Are you sure that the magic elixir of youth does not exist? Yes, it is not there – but there are simple recipes for preserving beauty and freshness, which the French psychologist Christophe Andre offers you. The secret is simple: we all need to learn from … children!


Youth is not only an excellent state of health and good physical shape, but also a certain state of mind. And, according to the French psychologist, the opposite is also true: the right attitude tightens and rejuvenates our appearance. Here are 10 tips to help you.

1. Move with pleasure!

The key word is “pleasure”: do not choose the “most fashionable” set of exercises – just walk more, dance at parties, swim in a lake or pool, in a word, move with pleasure.

2. Take care of yourself


This includes not only hours in front of the mirror, but also a good rest. Make it a rule: deal with all unpleasant things quickly and forget about them immediately! Eat well – not only healthy, but also tasty. Food is one of the very first pleasures available to a child. What a pity that as adults, we go on diets!

3. Enjoy the little things


Have you noticed how children spend pocket money on all sorts of nonsense and how sincerely they rejoice at the same time? Remember what brings you pure joy – a bouquet of wild flowers, a delicious dessert, funny polka-dot panties? Buy – having saved on such trifles, you definitely will not pay off the mortgage ahead of schedule, but you will deprive yourself of joy.

4. Strive to learn new things


A child learns something new every day – this is a movement towards knowledge of the world and characterizes the young brain. While you are learning new things, you are young!

5. Give yourself and others the right to make mistakes

Overcoming difficulties will allow you to feel your strengths and weaknesses, analysis of mistakes will help you move forward.

6. Don’t Chew Negative Thoughts

Have you noticed that children do not get depressed? They do not dwell on the negative and quickly resolve an unpleasant situation (correctly or not – this is the second question). As soon as heavy thoughts begin to overcome, ask yourself: “What exactly am I supposed to do?” I made a decision – forget about the bad!

7. Don’t forget about sex!


“Very young and … very mature people have the right attitude towards sex,” psychologists say. “At this age, sex is cleansed of psychological husks, they don’t associate excessive expectations with it, but simply enjoy the process itself.”

Do you want to be happy? Look:

Author: Lisa Women’s magazine