Love can lie in wait for you in a cozy square on a bench, in a cafe at the nearest table, or even at a boring lecture at the university. But if a good opportunity to acquire a soul mate has not presented itself, force the events! The easiest way to meet a handsome man is to register on a dating site. What you need to know before you go looking for a groom online?

Top 6 things to know about online dating - photoTop 6 things to know about online dating - photo

On any virtual platform, you can meet much more gentlemen than in real life. Yes, and they all came here with one goal – to meet and flirt. Of course, this does not mean that you need to agree to a date with the first person you meet. For starters, you should find out what surprises can lie in wait for you on the Web.

Men love it when a woman makes the first move.

If you already have experience of registering on dating sites, you probably know how much attention the representatives of the stronger sex pay to each lady. The mailbox is literally bursting with dozens or even hundreds of letters with fiery confessions. Understanding such a mess and answering everyone is not always a feasible task. However, the man, having sent out a ton of messages and received only one or two responses, is quickly disappointed and goes to look for a soul mate elsewhere. But you need very little from you: write to a potential chosen one first. He will not only answer for sure, but will also show double interest: still, such a beauty met him herself!

Long messages are the key to interesting correspondence

Top 6 things to know about online dating - photoTop 6 things to know about online dating - photo

The conversation will not turn out lively and relaxed if you answer all questions in monosyllables – “yes”, “no”, “I don’t know”. Tell more about yourself, feel free to talk a lot and ask questions that require long answers. The message “Good morning! I’m drinking tea and going for a walk in the park. And what are you doing now? is more likely to start an interesting conversation than a banal “Hi, how are you?”. Of course, some information should be reserved for a personal meeting. But in general, relax and enjoy online communication.

Emoticons will increase the chances of success

Top 6 things to know about online dating - photoTop 6 things to know about online dating - photo

Do not trust? But American scientists know for sure. The researchers analyzed more than 4 million messages, and came to the conclusion that letters with “fun faces” are perceived better. Even the exact figure is set – 13%. This is how emoticons increase your chances of winning over the interlocutor.

A man can impersonate someone else

Unfortunately, cases of fraud are extremely common on the World Wide Web. It is a mistake to think that only a narrow-minded girl can fall for the bait of ill-wishers. The schemes of modern scammers are so thought out that even your high intelligence is not able to protect against an unpleasant situation if you are gullible. Whatever heartbreaking story a new acquaintance would tell you, never give out your home address and bank details. Yes, and with a mobile phone number it is better not to rush.

Photos on dating sites are not always real

Top 6 things to know about online dating - photoTop 6 things to know about online dating - photo

This applies to both men and women. If a hot Spanish macho is looking at you from a profile picture, be vigilant. Perhaps, in fact, an insecure teenager is hiding behind the stunning photo. The absence of other pictures, their low resolution and the presence of logos should alert.

Love comes suddenly

Do not despair if, after a week of communication, a suitable gentleman has not been found on a dating site. It will take time to find a worthy candidate. Be patient, and sooner or later you will be rewarded for your meekness!


Author: Lisa Women’s magazine

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