Each of us at least once found ourselves in a situation where the first meeting turned out to be the last. You met, talked and understood: “No, not mine.” However, there are times when a woman scares a man away with her behavior. And it does not add up that initially could be successful. Let’s figure out what in your behavior can make a man run away.

Date - photoDate - photo

1. Inaccurate photo

A very characteristic reason for the fiasco in the case of online dating. When a lady in her profile posts a photo of herself 15 years ago or a very photoshopped picture. A man going on a date expects to see a slender girl 25 years old, and in return receives her, only 15 years older and 15 kg fatter. Likewise with Photoshop. We all experiment with professional photo shoots, it’s always interesting to feel like a glossy model even for a moment. But even gloss models in reality do not look like on the covers. What to say about ordinary women. Therefore, show a man you are ordinary, real, if you want to transform a virtual romance into a real one. If you have complexes about your own appearance and age, then working with a psychologist will help get rid of them. Otherwise, you only get rid of the man.

Sad girl - photoSad girl - photo

2. Invented image

This is also the actual reason for the collapse of the first date for those who want to translate virtual communication into real life. It is almost the same as in the case of the photo, only the woman begins to create a life for herself, which she does not actually live. She posts photos of wonderful yachts she has never ridden, talks about trips she has never been on, boasts of gifts she has never been given. On the Web, you can still “blur” someone’s not too attentive eye, but in reality, when the “Goddess” arrives on a date on the subway in a padding coat, and from the behavior of the lady in the restaurant it becomes clear that she has never been in them at all, a date can work out only if the other half is represented by the same dreamer. A normal man quickly realizes that he is being deceived. Nobody wants to be deceived. The man leaves.

date in a restaurant photodate in a restaurant photo

3. Commercialism

If at the first meeting all the girl’s conversations revolve only around the material – what gifts other men gave her, what trips they took, how hard it is for her to live, how expensive it is to rent an apartment – a man begins to feel like a wallet. Of course, in our material world, the financial situation of each other is important to all of us. Just as women don’t want to be with poor losers, so men don’t want to be with troubled women who have only a dubious past in their dowry. But no one wants to be openly used. Yes, it is difficult for girls to live, especially those who come to a big city from the provinces, and yes, men give gifts, sometimes very expensive ones. For example, Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor a 69-carat diamond for which he paid $1,100,000. But to receive such a gift, you must first become Elizabeth Taylor. And on the first date, at least bite your tongue and give out only part of your requirements. And preferably in a voice corrected from the parochial dialect. To get to the second.

Bride - photoBride - photo

4. Obsession with marriage

“It’s time for me to get married” – this is the same as in the case of commercialism, only obsession is aimed at marriage, and not at money. On the first date, the girl begins to tell how much she wants to get married, how much all her relatives want it, how they have already prepared both the dowry and the wedding, only the groom is missing. That she is set up only for a serious relationship and no more than 2 months, and after them a wedding. She starts asking the man how many children he wants and fantasizes about what they will name them and what school they will send them to. In principle, at the first meeting, it is worthwhile to indicate both your intentions and attitude towards children in order to avoid unpleasant situations in the future when one of the partners turns out to be an adherent of the current. childfree, but there is a big difference between “clear the position” and “treat the person as a vehicle for a dream.” A man doesn’t want to be the vehicle for your dreams. He has his own.

Girl in a restaurant - photoGirl in a restaurant - photo

5. Cheeky behavior

When at the first meeting the girl gets drunk in the trash and begins to pull off the remnants of his already meager costume from the stripper. If you always behave like this, then you know everything about yourself for a long time and are not surprised at your maximum “sex for one night”. But often we are just very worried at the first meeting. I want to please, seem better, more relaxed, more free, not embarrassed. You can mistakenly think that alcohol will be a cherished helper of relaxation. Or think that men like free girls without complexes. However, free does not mean unbridled and ill-behaved. Freedom is to accept yourself, including in the embarrassment of the first meeting. So leave the micros to the stripper, steal them at the bachelorette party. You can also get drunk there. And on the first date with the man you like, be yourself – be embarrassed, answer inappropriately, go through awkward pauses. The man is also shy and worries about the impression he made on you. Give both of you a chance.
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