According to statistics, in our country half of marriages end in divorce. Psychologist Tatyana Larina, together with other experts, tried to sort out this problem in the TV show “Everything will be kind” on the STB channel.

What can lead to divorce?

Journalists asked Ukrainian men what reasons, in their opinion, could lead to divorce. As it turns out, it’s basically:

  • treason – in 24% of cases;
  • lack of sexual life – in 9% of cases;
  • constant reproaches of the wife – in 34% of cases.

The heroes of the program were invited to the studio, whose joint life was observed by a film crew for some time. The couple had problems in their relationship and recently it was difficult for them to find a common language.

What caused the disagreement? How not to talk to your soulmate? Find out why you can’t manipulate and blackmail and what types of female behavior can lead to divorce in the next video.

Three female behaviors that can destroy a marriage