Why is it so difficult for us to find a soul mate and we often choose to be lonely, completely disappointed in the search?


Vlada Berezyanskaya, a psychologist, psychotherapist, certified transactional analyst, system constellator, hypnologist, sexologist, answered this question.

– I often hear complaints: “It is impossible to meet a good partner / man / woman in our life!” But there are many people with whom we can build the warmest relationships, you just have to be open to them.says the psychologist.


Why do we stay lonely?

Vlada Berezyanskaya, psychologistVlada Berezyanskaya, psychologist

Of course, our fears get in the way. But I noticed one feature. People from not knowing how to be happy or what to do in healthy relationships seem to put on “glasses” and completely immerse themselves in their inner world as soon as they go outside, and then return to their apartments and houses and feel lonely and disappointed, Vlad continues.

What to do?

Take off your sunglasses and look around. And you will understand that they pay attention to you, they want to get to know you, communicate and just give their love. In my understanding, “taking off your glasses” means starting to notice that there are people around you, and most importantly, start looking into their eyes, the expert advises.

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