Do you often have to be in big companies? Then you always face the question – what to talk about with strangers. “Lisa” will help you find a language with new friends: we offer 5 main topics that you can talk about with strangers.

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Travel, nature

Quite a romantic and harmless theme. With any interlocutor, you can exchange impressions of the cities and countries where you had to visit. It is pleasant for any of us to remember interesting and unusual trips, and you can laugh at incidents and funny moments on vacation together – humor, as you know, brings people together. Just try to do without criticism – it may turn out that your interlocutor loves regions that you did not like at all.

Hobbies and free time

Favorite books, movies and music can become the topic of a lively dialogue. You and your interlocutor can tell each other about your collections, hobbies and hobbies. This topic is good because you can not only reveal yourself as a person, but also find out how much you have in common with a stranger.


If two dog breeders or cat lovers meet, they will definitely have something to talk about. Talking about pets can take a long time, because the topic of four-legged pets is simply inexhaustible.


The same can be said of a meeting of motorists, cyclists or bikers – talk about the “iron horse” can continue indefinitely. By the way, take a closer look at your interlocutor – perhaps you have found a partner for Sunday bike rides.

Horoscope, zodiac signs

This topic is favorable for jokingly discussing the nature, attitude to fate, accidents and patterns in our lives. Most likely, a girl will be more willing to talk to you about this topic. But suddenly you are lucky, and your handsome young interlocutor turns out to be an experienced astrologer? Then the conversation about the constellations can be doubly interesting.