Today it is difficult to imagine that the stars of the scene do without plastic surgery and “beauty injections”. Most celebrities are willing to try out all the latest in cosmetology. However, there are those who are faithful to folk recipes for prolonging youth. has collected the most interesting tips.

From the fridge to your face

So, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, star of the films “Prisoner of the Caucasus” and “Viy” Natalya Varley makes a mask of cold sour cream in the morning. In the form of a scrub, the actress also uses fresh thick sour cream mixed with sea salt.

Actress, film director, screenwriter, People’s Artist Svetlana Druzhinina, who created the legendary “Midshipmen”, wipes her face with snow and walks barefoot in the snow. Svetlana Sergeevna tells : “I do gymnastics every morning. You have to keep moving. If an actress looks inappropriate, then she is not a professional.”

Singer Angelica Agurbash also has in its arsenal a “sour cream” beauty recipe – this is a self-made mask of oatmeal mixed with sour cream, honey and olive oil.

Ice beauties

Honored Artist of the RSFSR Elena Proklova told that she loves masks from her own garden: “I have this principle: what’s in your mouth, then on your face. If you picked a fresh cucumber, strawberries in your garden, do not be lazy, cut them into thin slices and put on your face. It moisturizes well, tones up tired skin. Also, the movie star has been making face creams with her own hands for many years.

People’s Artist of Russia Anita Tsoi says there are no fillers in her face. She maintains youthful skin with a contrast wash, and for many years she has been using the old “grandmother’s” beauty method: “Freeze ice cubes with lemon juice, chamomile in the refrigerator and wipe your face with them. The effect is amazing.”

Gymnast and TV presenter Laysan Utyasheva uses a beauty recipe common in Bashkiria, where she comes from. In the morning, Laysan makes koumiss masks, applying it to clean skin for 1-5 minutes. This mask perfectly brightens, refreshes the skin, removes age spots.

Svetlana Hodchenkova.

Think what you put in your mouth!

Honored Artist of the RSFSR Svetlana Svetlichnaya, the star of the “Diamond Hand”, believes that the condition of the skin primarily depends on what you eat: “I have not eaten fried foods for many years. Plus I walk every day in the park. This is my healer, it is there that I gain strength, after a walk there is always a good complexion.

People’s Artist of the RSFSR Larisa Luzhina, known to everyone from the paintings “Vertical” and “On the Seven Winds”, likes to add rose oil to any cream. And in order for the skin to be nourished with useful elements from the inside, the actress daily includes walnuts saturated with fats in the menu.

beautiful curls Liza Boyarskaya any woman can envy. It turns out that Lisa restores her hair with the help of a recipe that her mother gave her, actress Larisa Luppian. This is an onion vodka mask that prevents hair loss. The onion mask not only strengthens the roots, but saturates the hair with microelements involved in the formation of the hair shaft. As the popular actress admits, the smell of such a mask is not the most pleasant, but the effect is amazing. And rinsing with nettle decoction adds shine to the hair.

Pigtails instead of surgery

Soviet movie stars had even more folk beauty recipes – in those days, cosmetology was much less developed. Movie legend, People’s Artist of the USSR Elina Bystritskaya told how she scattered a box of matches on the floor and then performed a kind of gymnastics, bending over each match individually. This provided blood flow to the head, which, of course, immediately gave a healthy blush. Another beauty secret of Elina Avraamovna was an elastic bandage – such a recipe for maintaining a tightened oval of her face was recommended to her by the wife of the Soviet consul in Bonn: “She took me aside and said:“ I really want you to keep your appearance. Make bandages – an elastic bandage around the face at night. Allows you to avoid all age-related sagging.

Irina Muravyova in the film  Does Not Believe in Tears.

People’s Artist of the USSR, laureate of the Stalin Prize of the III degree, Lidia Smirnova, who starred in the films “The Marriage of Balzaminov”, “Uncle’s Dream”, “My Love”, “Village Detective”, “Big Life”, “Welcome, or No Trespassing” regretted in an interview with : “It was necessary to 50 to do a facelift. But on the other hand, I learned how to tighten my face myself for going out. I have my own recipe. I braid the pigtails at the temples and tightly pull them back, fixing them on the back of the head. It hurts a lot, of course. But on the other hand, the wrinkles on the cheeks are smoothed out.

People’s Artist of the RSFSR, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR Zinaida Kiriyenkofamous for the role of Natalia in “Quiet Don” Sergei Gerasimovsaid that she had used baby cream all her life and did a “simple exercise” for her back: “The way the neck and face look very much depends on the posture.”