Photo: Don HankinsPhoto: Don Hankins

American scientists have found that people who abuse communication in social networks risk their family well-being.

A team of scientists from several American universities undertook to consider the problem of the influence of social networks on relationships between partners.

It turned out that excessive interest in social networks leads to family scandals, breakups and even divorces. More than 80% of the participants in the experiment said that with the advent of social networks, they actually began to quarrel more often with their partners.

In addition, viewing the pages of your partner on the social network leads to jealousy and scandals. Most often this happens when photos from the past are “accidentally” found. It turned out that users quite often try to find their “former” in social networks – it is clear that this fact also cannot serve to strengthen relations with a current partner.

Therefore, experts recommend couples to consciously approach communication in social networks and pay more attention to their partners.