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The opinion that cheerful cheerful songs and rhythmic melodies are the best helpers in the fight against depression is, to put it mildly, exaggerated. So say scientists from the University of Kent.

Psychologists are sure that beautiful sad melodies are the best way to fight boredom. Experts have found that people with a fine mental organization and prone to depression like to listen to slow beautiful music that evokes pleasant memories.

220 volunteers took part in a kind of musical experiment. The researchers asked the subjects to recall a sad event, and then observed what kind of music the person began to listen to. It turned out that people chose beautiful melodies that evoked important memories for them and carried a certain message.

Thus, people chose exactly those sad melodies with which they associated themselves or which remind people of a particular event or person. As a rule, these were memories associated with love or sad events.

Study leader Dr. van den Tol believes that the only true strategy to improve your mood is to choose the music that is most valuable to you. Indeed, even sad music can distract from a sad mood, if a person not only listens to the melody, but also reflects on his situation under it.