British researchers conducted a series of experiments in which it turned out that, contrary to popular belief, men are more concerned about their own appearance than the fair sex.

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The experiment involved more than two thousand men who answered a series of questions. It turned out that almost all representatives of the stronger sex take pictures of themselves, and they do it twice as often as women. Some of the respondents admitted that they were even ready to miss some interesting moment for taking pictures – just to take another picture of themselves.

52% of study participants said they post their photos on social media within just 10 minutes after the picture was taken. As for the content of the photo, it can be either a snapshot from a certain event, or just a photo of yourself on the couch or at your desk.

If earlier only women expressed dissatisfaction with their appearance, then today it has become a disease of gentlemen. American scientists were even forced to introduce a new term that characterizes the dissatisfaction of men with their appearance and figure. The male version of nervous food refusal is now called manorexia, while this disorder in women is called anorexia.

According to research, every tenth young man in the US and Britain is dissatisfied with muscle mass and tries to increase it with the help of various drugs – hormones, anabolics or dietary supplements. On the other hand, the desire of women to lose weight is now shared by men: their own appearance does not suit an increasing number of the stronger sex.