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It turns out that a man and a woman are so different creatures that they even evaluate the same events differently.

This conclusion was reached by a team of scientists from the University of Texas. They found that men most often regret that during their lives they missed the opportunity to have sex with different partners, while women, on the contrary, regret their previous sexual relationships.

From the point of view of the male psyche, every lost opportunity to have a relationship with a woman is a missed chance for the birth of new offspring. Ladies tend to reproach themselves for a large, in their opinion, the number of partners. After all, the birth and upbringing of children takes time and effort, and each partner is, in fact, wasted time.

After interviewing 25,000 men, experts compiled a list of the most common reasons that prevent the representatives of the stronger sex from fulfilling their main duty – shyness, fear of making mistakes in their youth and the absence of even fleeting novels during the period of loneliness.

The fair sex has formed its own “triple of regrets”: the loss of innocence with the wrong partner, too rapid development of relationships and betrayal of a loved one. In addition, a large number of women regret having had sexual relations with a physically unattractive partner.

According to experts, women’s worries about previous relationships can lead to psychological problems that can prevent ladies from focusing on building a harmonious personal life in the present.