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In the course of large-scale studies, British scientists found that a person is destined to experience the feeling of true love only twice in a lifetime.

Two thousand volunteers took part in the surveys, and the results of the research turned out to be interesting for the specialists themselves.

It turned out that the first love was not mutual for most of the study participants. And more than 70% of those surveyed, after a painful separation from their loved ones, married unloved partners. Therefore, according to the results of the study, many of us do not live with our soul mate out of love.

Scientists also made an interesting conclusion about the fact that the representatives of the stronger sex, it turns out, are more attached to their loved ones than women: approximately 37% of men admitted that they were ready to maintain relationships only for the sake of the spiritual comfort of their lady of the heart.

Let’s remind, earlier experts of the Californian university have found out, that the decision of family conflicts lies on the wife. Psychologists have come to the conclusion that in those families where a woman tries to smooth the situation and extinguish conflicts, both spouses are satisfied with their marriage and feel happy.