Photo: Josef SeibelPhoto: Josef Seibel

A man loves with his eyes. This worldly observation is known and shared by most of us. However, recently folk wisdom has received scientific confirmation – indeed, during the first meeting, men pay attention to the figure of a woman.

Researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln found that men are less likely to look women in the eyes. During the study, scientists discovered another curious fact – ladies behave in exactly the same way.

The experiment involved 36 men and 29 women. The subjects were asked to look at several photographs, in which the same woman was depicted with a thin, average and full physique.

In the study, the researchers used an eye-tracking system, a helmet equipped with two sensors that were attached in front of the eyes and monitored any movement of the pupils.

It turned out that all participants in the experiment first of all focused their eyes on the waist, hips and chest, and only after that they transferred it to the face of the model. If the behavior of men is explained by the fact that they thus evaluate a woman’s ability to bear children, then the fair sex compares themselves with a potential competitor.

The lead author of the study, Sarah Jervis, explained that modern society lives in an environment where the cult of the ideal female body thrives on television and in the media. It has become commonplace to focus on physical forms, so people have already become in the habit of focusing their eyes on precisely those parts of the figure that most often fall into the lenses.