Self-mania has spread not only to cats and dogs – now we will certainly “take pictures” with our loved one. Pictures from sports events and / or concerts, against the backdrop of a native carpet or overseas attractions … Or in general – four legs against the background of the surf or a couple of nearby cocktails. What should they tell the world?


Why does the world need our two pairs of legs? According to the results of research, psychologists have concluded that often people who do their best to demonstrate their love story to the world actually suffer from low self-esteem. They form an opinion about themselves, their loved one and “togetherness” with him not from within, but from the outside: by feedback, comments and likes to selfies.

What will our joint photo tell about?

We generally do not ask this question. We make refi to:

  • inform others: we are a couple (this is especially true for girls – so to speak, “staking out” a gentleman and scaring off potential hunters);
  • hint (or declare publicly) that they are attached to each other, and mutually;
  • demonstrate how happy they are in a relationship;
  • show off (yes, yes!) the object of love (if you are a happy owner of the fifth breast size, be sure: each of your gentlemen will post a selfie with you);
  • brag about how fun and interesting we spend time together;
  • document life, save bright, memorable moments.

Psychologists note: our idea of ​​a partner and even feelings for him can change depending on how subscribers on Instagram or Facebook friends react to him. Therefore, a selfie is far from the most emotionally safe type of picture for a relationship. By posting photos with a partner on the Web, we, as it were, reveal the boundaries of our relationship and put them on public display. But the sacredness of mutual feelings should not be lost. Happiness loves silence, it is hidden and everyone has their own.

But if you still want to capture yourself with your loved one, we do it right.

How to take a good photo?


Most often, “working”, that is, more successful for a selfie, people consider the left side of the face. It has always been like this – it turns out that most of the self-portraits of the old masters show the world the left side of the face.

How to take a photo together correctly?

  • remember that the “working”, that is, the more successful side of the face, is left for most people;
  • make sure that the faces are in the frame entirely;
  • faces should be at the same level (otherwise the head of one will be noticeably larger than the head of the other, which looks strange);
  • use favorable angles, a good trick is to hold the camera slightly above the level of the faces and shoot a little at an angle (this will get rid of double chins);
  • make sure both of you are looking at the camera, no one has closed their eyes or is distracted.

Post another selfie with the caption “how do I love him”? Better say it to his face! The main thing is relationships, not their reflection in social networks.

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