Life does not always create ideal conditions for a romantic relationship. Sometimes we meet the same one – the only and beloved person in another city, or even in another country.

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How to build a relationship at a distance and maintain romantic feelings. Perhaps the recommendations of psychologists will help you ease the expectation of a long-awaited meeting.

1. Modern technologies and methods of connection

allow you to be in touch 24 hours a day, and communication today is possible from any corner of the globe. Video calls, free instant messengers, social networks… So don’t miss this opportunity! Communicate with your partner as often as possible, discuss your problems and joys, share your plans and ask for advice. Regular communication will allow you not to lose touch with your loved one and strengthen relationships.

We can send each other photos, romantic messages, funny pictures or just emoticons. The main thing is to show your partner that you think about him and that he is important to you.

2. Do not forget about romance, distance is not a barrier

Arrange a romantic meeting using webcams. Candles, compliments, a glass of wine and other specific surroundings will help you and your partner not to lose a romantic mood in gray everyday life. It’s nothing that you are on opposite sides of the monitor. If you are both sure of your feelings, such evenings will help shorten the time before your meeting.

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3. Do not allow yourself to be jealous and suspect a man of treason

It is often the suspicion of infidelity and the inability to control your partner that spoil the life of both lovers in a relationship at a distance. Constant interrogations, suspicions, tears and tantrums will not help you, on the contrary, they can lead to a break in relations. Pull yourself together and stop seeing betrayal and betrayal in any step of your beloved.


4. Down with thoughts of futility

sooner or later, you and your partner will start showing up. Drive them away! Don’t be afraid to make joint plans and share ideas about your common future. The more it connects you and your soul mate now, the more opportunities there will be to make one common life out of your parallel lives.


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