Many believe that being in love is not the best way to affect the quality of life. Jealousy, suspicion, fear of losing a loved one, mutual resentment – all this is additional stress that interferes with effective functioning in other areas of life.

Is it so? Now we will try to prove to you that love is real happiness!

perfect memory

Are you confused by the expression “fool in love”? Indeed, people who are lucky enough to fall in love often go to rash acts and do stupid things. However, Italian scientists believe that falling in love stimulates the production of a hormone that improves memory.

Slim figure

Dreaming of losing weight? Then you should immediately fall in love! People who are in love lose weight much easier and faster.

Eternal youth

Are you going to inject Botox to make your face look younger? Much cheaper and more effective to fall in love! People who experience the feeling of falling in love actively release oxytocin, which causes the anti-aging hormone.

Ah, the heart…

People in love are not afraid of diseases of the cardiovascular system. The fact is that they are much easier to tolerate stress.

Solid creative

Why are people in love more likely to achieve success in any endeavors and devote a lot of time to creative activity? The whole secret is in the hormones of happiness, which contribute to excellent well-being and bring inspiration!

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