The ideal woman in the eyes of a man is an explosive mixture of beauty, understanding, intelligence, care and mutual love. After all, when a man decides to start a family, he stops “flying”, and landing on the ground, he begins to look closely.

Men are predators by nature, and they need a woman who can be perfect in every sense, both to match him and to exist independently, if necessary. Therefore, at first glance it seems that they are looking for someone fictional and unreal, but if you look closely, most married women are actually ideal. And only laziness, routine, and disrespect for yourself and your partner create negative vibrations.

Love yourself, worship a man, and he will always be there.

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Ability to compromise

There is nothing wrong with compromises or concessions, depending on how you feel about it. Ask your partner questions, look for answers, try to understand his logical chain of thoughts. After all, many of his habits begin from childhood, and many even more so are laid down in him. Therefore, the very last thing he is going to do when you appear in his life is to change his habits. And the ideal option in this case would be acquaintance with his habits and close friendship with them. And there is one more advice that all psychologists give – do not forget to take your joint world with humor.



Whether you have five or ten children, you should not have excuses about your appearance. There’s no reason why you can’t wash your hair in the morning, put on some makeup, and put on a nice, fresh tracksuit.

Keeping up with everything is the key to a modern and successful woman. And that’s what men like so much, all without exception. But it’s not enough to be outwardly beautiful, you still need to take care of the inner world, and only then your eyes will burn, which will make you even more attractive.

Develop yourself in every sense of the word. For some, this is a sport, for others, reading, studying, working, swimming, knitting. Cultivate this energy within yourself, and your partner will definitely feel it.

Average BurdaAverage Burda


No matter how strong a man is, he is subconsciously looking for a woman for himself that will be similar to his mother. And this is manifested primarily with the care that you bestow on him. Sometimes he needs to be praised for the least he has done, but what he is so proud of. Hug him once again, and do not forget to say thank you to him. Thank him not only for gifts, but also for small tasks that he performs. Over time, he will only wait for your praise and tenderness. But it is important to feel the edge, and cultivate masculinity in it, and not a child.


The woman is the neck and the man is the head. Remember that everything is in your hands. And yet, as one smart man told me, it is the woman who chooses the man, and not vice versa.

Be loved!

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