Can love be classified? It turns out yes. Moreover, the American social psychologist John Lee managed to find the answer to the main female question: “How to understand that your relationship will lead to marriage?” He identified three styles of love behavior and advises everyone to take a closer look at which style is typical for your couple. The answer may surprise you!

Psychologists figured out what relationship will lead to marriagePsychologists figured out what relationship will lead to marriage

The psychologist spent a year analyzing the lives of 2,000 couples. And it turned out that the whole variety of love behavior can be conditionally reduced to three types. And only one of them almost completely led to a happy and strong marriage.


Passion is not the strongest foundation for marriagePassion is not the strongest foundation for marriage

Sexologists say that passionate attraction is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a strong relationship. And the data of John Lee confirms this! Yes, partners are connected by a passionate and romantic feeling. It is based on irresistible physical attractiveness and strong emotions. Characteristic signs: frequent and violent sex, the desire to constantly be near a partner, the desire to make communication unusual and festive. It would seem, what more could you want? But…
What will calm the heart? As a rule, such a “base” underlies early marriages. Strong passion threatens to idealize a loved one. But sooner or later, the couple “saturates” with sex and begins to analyze why each of them is next to the chosen one? What connects them besides the bed? If there is little in common, the relationship begins to fade. In addition, good sex is not a guarantee of support in a difficult situation, and a romantic lover can not always become a good father. A year or two, and then, most likely, the union breaks up.

The probability of a happy marriage is 20%.

2. Love-friendship

Common interests are a good basis for marriageCommon interests are a good basis for marriage

“We have so much in common!” – if you start a story about a new acquaintance with these words, it means that you are bound by spiritual rather than sexual relationships. Consent in tastes and preferences, a sense of warmth and support – these are their main features. There is sexual attraction, but it does not set the tone; rather, it complements the already established relationship.
What will calm the heart? The main core of such a connection is a dialogue: you share your thoughts, feelings, desires, fears with each other … The likelihood of conflicts is minimized: partners know how to negotiate, a strong marriage awaits you. However, make sure that complete dissolution in each other does not occur – this reduces the intensity of sexual passions, and it is already low in your couple. Tenderness and a sense of security are an excellent foundation for marriage, but passion is its “walls” and “roof”. The danger of cooling and boredom awaits such couples around the fifth or sixth year of marriage.

The probability of a happy marriage is 70%.

3.Love game

A light attitude to life is a sign that it is too early to make serious plans.A light attitude to life is a sign that it is too early to make serious plans.

“Life is short, catch happy moments!” – adherents of this lifestyle and in love relationships do not accept anything that can overshadow their serene existence. They prefer to be loved more: it gives them emotional power over their partner. Partners do not seek to get to know each other better – why, what if help or participation is needed? Yes, they seem to be together, but … apart. Sex, like everything else, is meant to satisfy your own needs.
What will calm the heart? Any game for such adult children quickly gets bored, so such unions are short-lived. Usually they break up because of betrayals: adherents of an entertaining love style are not inclined to deny themselves the pleasure of spending a night of passion with someone other than a partner. A peaceful divorce can be considered a plus: parting occurs without dramatic experiences, many even manage to remain friends.

The probability of a happy marriage is 10%.

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