What factors can negatively affect the relationship between a man and a woman up to a break in relations?


What is phubbing?

It turns out that the incompatibility of characters, different outlooks on life and lack of mutual understanding are far from the most important factors that can lead to a break in relations between lovers. Today, most often high-profile conflicts in a couple happen because of … phubbing – the habit of paying more attention to electronic devices than live communication with a partner.

Experts from Baylor University conducted a survey among men and women to find out how they feel about the fact that their significant other actively uses modern gadgets – spends a lot of time on social networks, plays computer games or communicates in free instant messengers. Scientists interviewed about 150 men and women who were in a relationship.

Phubbing destroys love

It turned out that the active use of electronic devices in their free time can bring one of the partners to depression and even destroy relationships. Studying the answers of the study participants, the experts also assessed the level of happiness in a couple on a special scale. Those who are most afraid that the partner will begin to ignore them and stop paying attention, were more worried about the fact that the other half uses the device and plunges into the World Wide Web for a long time.

Man holding tablet PHOTOMan holding tablet PHOTO

Couples in love facing phubbing often quarreled for this very reason, and one of the partners always felt unhappy in such a relationship. Scientists have suggested that those people who are initially not satisfied with something in a relationship are prone to phubbing. Therefore, they compensate for their dissatisfaction with the active use of electronic devices.

In any case, this is a serious enough problem and should not be ignored. If partners are more attentive and frank with each other, then they will be interested and comfortable together, and modern gadgets will not affect their relationship in any way.

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