“Women who love too much cannot build harmonious relationships,” American psychologists say. “Their insistence on proving their worth repels men.” Below are 20 typical beliefs of a woman who is addicted to love. How many of them do you agree with? Calculate and find out the result.


What statements about relationships do you agree with?

  1. Creating a family is the main thing for me. Without her, my life has no meaning.
  2. Love is complete devotion to a partner.
  3. My man may hurt me, but my task is to help him change for the better.
  4. I am the first woman with whom he feels good, previous relationships brought him a lot of grief.
  5. If the one you love needs something, your job is to give it to him.
  6. He will be lost without me!
  7. It may seem that he treats me badly, but he simply does not know how to express his love.
  1. After a quarrel, I always analyze what exactly I did wrong.
  2. A man has no right to hit or insult a woman, but… You should always give him a second chance!
  3. I don’t understand how people can relax separately, spend holidays apart…
  4. If this brings peace to the family, I will admit my guilt, even if it is not my fault.
  5. I have had thoughts of parting, but I am afraid of loneliness.
  6. I always try to take into account the interests of the partner first: it is not difficult for me to adapt.
  7. When a partner leaves somewhere for a long time, I feel an emptiness that there is nothing to fill.
  8. Working on relationships requires a woman to maximize her efforts.


  1. I often feel sad for no reason, then I will cry quietly or eat something tasty.
  2. Sometimes you really want to flirt with someone! Just to feel appreciated and respected.
  3. Men are calm, balanced, economic terribly boring.
  4. As a child, I tried my best to earn the love of my parents and was very worried when they scolded me.
  5. Despite the fact that our relationship with the beloved does not improve, I do not lose hope. Yes, and it’s a pity to quit – so much time and effort invested!


If you agreed with at least three statements, it is worth considering: are you investing too much in your relationship? If you answered yes to more than five, you definitely like “too much.” More than 10 affirmative answers indicate that you are completely dependent on a man. And not necessarily from the one with whom you are currently in a relationship! Think about it: are you really so insignificant in yourself that only the presence of a man next to you gives you value?

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