Photo: Ed YourdonPhoto: Ed Yourdon

German scientists have found that modern men in the age range of 30-40 years have sex half as often as their fathers and grandfathers.

This trend has recently become global in nature and is due to the fact that virtual life is replacing real life everywhere. Today, the representatives of the stronger sex prefer to devote time to various gadgets, rather than bed comforts.

Scientists from the University of Hamburg, who conducted the study, are seriously alarmed. It turns out that modern men 30-40 years old have sex 4-10 times a month, while their predecessors from previous generations had 18-22 sexual contacts during the month.

Among the reasons for this decline in male sexual activity, experts cite stress, depression, a lack of time for personal life and diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Men are forced to replace what they lack in real life with computers, smartphones and gadgets.

By the way, no study has yet shown a decrease in female sexual activity.