According to statistics, 23% of women who kept themselves from a romance at the resort later regretted it. Among the reasons why they did not allow themselves relationships on vacation, the main one is the fear of disappointment and mental trauma after returning … To avoid this, it is enough to know about some of the features of relationships at the resort.


Let’s start with the main thing: it turns out that the summer season of hunting for romantic impressions is scientifically justified! The fact that under the rays of the sun the body intensively produces the hormone of joy serotonin has long been known. But recently, scientists have found that, firstly, increased secretion of testosterone begins in men, and, secondly, in the summer, the ability of women to experience an orgasm increases, as the production of hormones responsible for sexuality increases under the influence of heat and sun.

And, finally, according to psychologists, for most people, vacation is the only chance to shake up their measured life, which is especially true for simple “office ponies” who “run in circles” all year round. Therefore, we arm ourselves with our advice and get a complete package of holiday delights!

1. Down with illusions!

Don’t idealize your resort hero! This will allow you to easily part with him or avoid disappointment. According to statistics, of the couples who decide to keep the relationship after returning, more than 40% break up after the first meeting outside the holiday – because “this will never happen again …”

2. Don’t trust or verify


Do not forget that you are playing the game blindly: you cannot verify the information that your new acquaintance tells you about himself. And why check it out? If you meet again in the future, then it will be possible to clarify the points of interest. And if not … No, as they say, and there is no trial. But be careful when giving information about yourself.

3. Seize the moment, forget about plans!


In a holiday romance, the main thing is the process! Romance, gifts, hot sex… Accept courtship of a man with the dignity of a queen – flowers, cute souvenirs, invitations to a restaurant. A holiday romance should have mood, intrigue, beautiful surroundings and exciting sensations. And there are enough problems, hassles and complaints about the faucet in the bathroom and the eternal lack of money at home.

4. Watch your timing

Correctly calculate the time: the resort romance should be enough for the entire period of rest. There is nothing more bitter than to see how a chilled gentleman hurries to spud a newly arrived beauty …

5. Arrange a beautiful ending

As the classic said, in any novel three punctuation marks are needed – a question mark, an exclamation mark and … a period. The last scene is extremely important – a farewell, which should leave a feeling of slight sadness against the backdrop of general satisfaction.

… And when the last page of the “novel” is turned over, the plane leaves the runway, and tears from touching memories come to your eyes, know that you have taken away the most important thing from the resort – the feeling of your irresistibility and desirability.

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