Live lighter and live faster – these are the two mottos of the postmodern generation. Take it easy and live easier. Success in life is measured by how much money you make and how fast you get there.


No money – you’re a loser. Not enough money – you’re a loser. A lot of money is not bad, but you can still. And faster. In the world of money, feelings are out of fashion. They are useless, firstly, because they are intangible. They cannot measure success. Secondly, they distract from making money quickly. It is hard to imagine that in the 21st century Tatyana Larina would write a letter to Onegin. Not just on paper, but in ink and in verse. So mindlessly spend paper, ink, and pen, and most importantly, invaluable time that could be used for relationships with money – either earn or spend it on shopping.


And between business, between earning money and shopping, we send short messages to each other: “cat, are you coming soon?”, “hi, how are you?”, “meet me at 15:00, I will have an hour between the meeting and the meeting with the client” . Fast life, in the flashing of days and deeds, random people, short meetings. Sex and then became fast and casual. And most importantly, affordable. From a sacrament, he somehow imperceptibly turned into a bargaining chip, a cure for longing and a measure of success. After all, by the number of partners you quickly put to bed, you can also tell how popular you are, in demand, and therefore successful.

Have you ever wondered why services like Tinder, Viber and Messenger Facebook are so relevant now? Because in them you can quickly find yourself a company for an evening, a day or a week.

Like billiard balls, we hit each other for a short time and bounce off forever.

Where is love? Love doesn’t fit into the Tinder format. She doesn’t even fit on Facebook – how many selfies can you take with the same man? And most importantly, everyone will think that you are a loser, because out of the variety of choices you made one – to love one.

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Love long, love fearfully. Loving isn’t easy. We must give up all the other wonderful males and females grazing in magical meadows. It is necessary to fit your sharp corners into the partner’s hollows. And you also have to be vulnerable. It is impossible to love in armor. When two people are in armor, the maximum that can happen is to strike a spark from the impact of metal on metal. You have to love your skin. But the skin hurts, it’s so thin. And there is no guarantee that it will not be scratched or burned. And if so, and scratched and burned, then why? For what?

Now, if love were eternal, and even guaranteed happy … And so, it’s better to quickly “hello, baby, meet you in the evening, for two hours” in Viber.

The world of singles, smart, beautiful, successful, status, with money and opportunities. And maybe someone will sigh furtively “everything is there, I would like love.” But is it, love, in this distrustful world that accepts only material evidence?