A stable family life is possible only between people who know how to joke and understand each other’s jokes. After all, humor is one of the ways to convey a signal about the compatibility of two people, that is, about love.


Humor plays a significant (if not the main) role when it comes to strong relationships between a man and a woman, psychologists from the University of California (USA) have established.

Less drama, more comedy!

We women are very passionate about our roles. Mother and wife means mother and wife. On the one hand, this is good: loved ones feel confident. On the other hand, the house becomes boring, dull and energetically difficult. Behave yourself differently and let others do it. Life, as you know, is a theater, and family life is a little more a circus. The happiest marriages are those in which the spouses say: “We have fun together.”


There are many funny situations in every family, you just need to see them, well, or create them yourself. Watch comedies together, play Crocodile and Burim, retell funny stories. Laughter unites, creates warm relationships. Even more than, for example, food. So first – a joke, then – dinner.

In jokes, everything ends well or funny, but in life we ​​don’t talk, we fight, we slam doors, we get divorced. And we remember the bad for a long time, spoiling our lives. Less drama, more comedy! Try to describe any conflict with your partner as if you were a comedian. And then family life itself will look much easier and more fun.

A little better than the real thing

Being realistic about yourself is a very important quality. In all areas of life. Except family. From loved ones, we expect a biased, exclusive attitude. To be praised, admired and always on our side. Of course, without advice and even criticism is indispensable. The main thing is that even with this, the feeling of significance, importance and “favorite” is not lost. And if, admiring, we slightly exaggerate, it’s not scary. Statistics (“So you said that I am the most beautiful. And among the women of our region or all of Europe?”) Is inappropriate here.


People who grew up in complete families get divorced half as often. And those who watched the life of grandparents together are generally not inclined to parting. Because they don’t have any illusions, like “We will live happily, and every day will be a holiday.” On the contrary, there is a clear understanding that fatigue, conflicts, temporary chills are normal. As well as beaten dishes, discarded fishing rods, a car on a tow truck … We can’t even love always in the same way and evenly, sometimes we begin to … hate. But this is also part of love and happiness.

Yes, the partner has negative traits. Yes, in order to live peacefully, he would have to correct them. What if this doesn’t happen? Apply harsh educational measures: deprive of sweets, refuse sex? .. Or you can laugh at bad qualities. And everyone will be better for it. No stress, no fights. The main thing is not to cross the line between laughter and ridicule.

Some female habits can cause a partner not to laugh, but to annoy. Do you want to know which ones? Look:

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