I want a serious relationship, and men only offer sex. Something like this is the main female claim to dating sites.

Looking for a serious relationshipLooking for a serious relationship

Serious relationships – I never understood this in the context of dating. How should dating be for a serious relationship?

“Hello, Pyotr Vasilievich, I am Alevtina Petrovna,” we shook hands and then we move on to discussing the date of the wedding and how many greyhound puppies does anyone have in dowry?

Of course, I exaggerate.

A serious relationship means for many the prospect of marriage. But how, when meeting and communicating, can you immediately say: do you want to spend 10 minutes, 1 month, or your whole life with a person?

dating + for serious relationshipsdating + for serious relationships

But even if the ladies are looking for a relationship that is not as serious as they are positioned, or on the way to a serious one, they do not mind considering a couple of other options, they cannot state this directly. Moral standards do not allow.

These are men who can write “if you want, I will come to you and make an amazing kuni” or “I am looking for sex on an ongoing basis”. And nothing is holding them back. It’s somehow not even comme il faut for them to have a profile on a dating site and not offer anyone just to “get laid”. And suddenly lucky.

Women are all in a vice – I want to get married, I want to be good, but I haven’t had sex for a long time, what people will say, I want to get married, and that brunette was very personal, but what will people say, because I’m married. And it goes on forever. And they sit so beautiful, under-fucked and unmarried.

serious relationship for freeserious relationship for free

And there is another favorite topic – woman and age. In the context of relationships, it comes down to “Woman and the age of a man.”

For some reason, until now, couples where he is 48, and she is 25 look normal. And couples where she is 40, and he is 34 – oh my God, what an embarrassment, an incredible misalliance. And women themselves think so.

Everyone begins to look for a certain “peak interest” in this couple, the hidden benefit of a man – probably, he is counting on her money, connections or an apartment? Or they carefully predict a “happy” future for the couple – now she is 40 and she looks good, but she will be 50, and he will be 44, then he will definitely leave her and go to the young one.

dating without a serious relationshipdating without a serious relationship

As if in 10 years one woman will grow old, and a man will remain forever young, like Dorian Gray.

But the truth is that today’s 30-year-old men really like 40-year-old women. They are smart, self-confident, well-groomed, but not confused by their appearance like twenty-year-old girls.

And they are not obsessed with themselves and their careers, like 30-year-olds. And they require less. More precisely, 40-year-old women appreciate in men the mind, sense of humor, care, and not a Lexus, a trip to the Maldives or a vacation in restaurants and clubs.

Yes, and 40-year-old women like 30-year-old guys. Tell me, who does not like a smart, stylishly dressed, intelligent, handsome male? And who did a strong, young penis make unhappy? And they would live to live, but to make good, or at least love each other intensely, like rabbits.

serious relationship + with a manserious relationship + with a man

But then this whole long monologue in a woman’s head comes into play and spoils it: you need to look for a serious relationship, what people will say, and when I’m 50, he will leave me for a young one.

As if the personal life of every woman is connected to the world’s tabloids. And the fact that you have a 30-year-old lover will be recognized immediately by everyone.

And the woman puts the age of the intended partner in the questionnaire from 45 to 55. She looks at all these simple joys in the photo in the form of mushrooms, barbecue and fish catch.

As well as flabby bodies, unkempt appearance and golden teeth. Yes, these mastodons of socialist prosperity still sparkle in the mouths of 55-year-old men. Or gaps. The choice is small.

And the woman completely loses the desire to do something with her personal life. Choosing a 50-plus-year-old man for a relationship is like aging yourself ahead of schedule. I don’t want it ahead of time. And again it turns out: beautiful, unmarried, lonely and underfucked.

I want a serious relationship I want a serious relationship

Dear women, forget this phrase “serious relationship” altogether.

This is a mirage, a ghost, a phantom that spoils your very real life. Any relationship starts with getting to know each other.

And we never know what we want with a person – drink a cocktail, spend an evening, send to hell or stay and see what happens next. Also, we never know how long this person will be in our lives.

I know many couples who got married and vowed to be together until the end, and parted after 3 months of life.

serious relationships + with foreignersserious relationships + with foreigners

I am also familiar with couples who were predicted to end in a month, they were very incomparable, but these people are still together. And their relationship is stronger than any prejudice.

If you like a 30 year old guy who just sent you a message on Tinder, reply to him.

In the end, what will happen between you, only you two will know.

And if he stays in your life for only 3 months, and not for 30 years, it will be a bright 3 months in your life.

And not 30 years of waiting for a big and pure love that will never happen.

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