This conclusion was reached by Swedish scientists. It turns out that the representatives of the stronger sex, married to smart and educated women, can boast of better health and longer life expectancy than their other peers.

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Experts processed one and a half million questionnaires of men and women in order to understand how the level of a wife’s education can affect a man’s life expectancy. It turned out that the intelligence and education of a woman have a greater impact on the length of her husband’s life than on her own.

Researchers believe that this amazing fact can be explained by the fact that smart and educated women better understand how to properly organize the life of the household, provide them with a healthy diet, and also know how and how to treat family members in case of their illness.

For the life expectancy of a man, family happiness is also important, which is mutual understanding between spouses, support for each other and the common interests of husband and wife.

Those who are happy in marriage are less prone to stress, less prone to depression and alcoholism. People who have found their family happiness are much less likely to suffer from heart problems. It has also been proven that love between spouses lengthens life by an average of 5 years.