How to make the first stage of dating grow into the second?

You met recently. You realized that you already like him. True, you still don’t seem to him. But this is because he did not have a happy opportunity to examine your virtues closer! .. By the way, such a chance will soon come. Clearly, you need to be fully armed. But what does it look like, is it a weapon?

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Someone noticed that when a woman places snares on a man, it is like hunting a hare for a dog, because traditionally he is the hunter. Let it go! It doesn’t change things. It should seem to him that it is he who passionately wants to catch you.
So, installation 1. Do not doubt your irresistibility. Looking in the mirror before going to a meeting, convincingly tell the reflection that his “carrier” is a self-sufficient lady with a rich and interesting life, and that for anyone the attention of such a woman is already a gift.
Installation 2. Be natural. No need to just deliberately emphasize your royalty. For you, being a queen is like breathing: having given yourself this attitude, do not try to play every gesture, as in a theater. Get in the mood.
Installation 3. Be pleasant, friendly, radiate positive impulses. In your company, he should relax.

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On the one hand, the basis of a love feeling is still community, closeness, understanding, which is also characteristic of friendship. On the other hand, in order not to get stuck forever in the “just a friend” category, a woman should be mysterious, mysterious, understated, even a little cold. Paradox? Not at all. The basis of the principle, which can be called “contrast shower”.
You are sincerely interested in his person, listen carefully. Praise. But at the same time, you make it clear that the world does not converge like a wedge on it. He is flattered – and hurt.
You favorably accept signs of attention. And when it begins to seem to him that he knows how to influence women, you slightly cool him. The change of rewards and distances keeps you much stronger and more reliable than just location or just indifference.

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● How to catch and hold attention with your eyes? Recall a well-known technique: a direct and deep, but short look into the eyes, then sharply to the side, after which the look returns indirectly, carefully.
● In a conversation, call him by his first name more often. Also, it would seem, a primitive move, but it’s really so nice! Just pay attention to how it was presented, and be careful with diminutives: it happens that people do not like some modifications of their name.

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Here are some common mistakes that make the process of seduction difficult, if not completely ruining it.
● “I’m all yours.” There is a kind of girls – amorous. From the manifestation of attention to their person, they immediately lose their heads, they rush to confess to the newly-made boyfriends in the strongest feelings – and here they can, as they say, be taken warm … Which, unfortunately, bad people men use: they immediately stop wearing bouquets and start manipulate the lady.
● “You are not worthy of me.” Bend in the opposite direction. Inflated self-esteem and excessive selfishness are qualities that can only attract a masochist. Do you need him?
● “Life is so hard.” Don’t pay too much attention to problems. They will not decorate the stage of easy flirting. If you complain often, you will become associated with sadness and failure. If you come across something not very pleasant directly during communication (say, the waiter is a boor), it is better to respond as easily and with humor as possible.
● “Familiar”. Yes, if you share a “male” anecdote or slap him on the shoulder in an argument, he will, of course, feel relaxed. But as an object of erotic interest, you will lose a lot. Do not allow rude behavior to him either: this is also an indicator of attention, or rather, its absence.

Editor’s advice. A skirt instead of trousers and loose hair instead of gathered hair is a terrible stereotype, of course. But for some reason, it is stubbornly holding on! Jeans can fit and emphasize as much as you like, but it’s worth showing up in a dress with a slit – and this will certainly be noted even by male colleagues who, before that, except for “good afternoon”, did not say anything. Just do not “salt” in the sense of sexuality. Or a cut, or a cut!

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