The life of every person from birth is built on relationships. People interact with each other in various areas in work and partnership, in personal life and family, where quarrels, misunderstandings and conflict situations often occur, up to a break in relations. The only and main problem of what is happening is the lack of mutual understanding, as a result of which people make incorrect conclusions about what is happening, broadcasting it to the environment, thereby aggravating the situation even more.

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

1. Fine line between charm and disappointment

Not realizing that men and women are inherently different, they are at odds with each other. They mistakenly assume that when partners love someone, they will react and behave in a certain way, expect the same reactions and the same behavior from the opposite sex as from themselves, but because of this attitude again and again are disappointed again. As a result, there is a lot of friction and contradiction between them. But, one very important truth is forgotten, men and women should be different….

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Take the time to work out the differences between loved ones/partners/friends calmly and patiently. Being aware of these differences and respecting them is what is required for relationships with the opposite sex to stop being an endless chain of clashes. If you do not forget that men come from Mars, and women – from Venus, then you can find an explanation for literally everything.

Quarrel - photoQuarrel - photo

2. Rebalance

Who said that life in marriage is necessarily a struggle? Tension, resentment and conflict arise only when we do not understand each other. And since this happens often, many eventually come to complete disappointment. They love their partner or partner, however, when a tense moment arises, they do not know what to do to defuse the situation.

Having understood and realized to what extent men and women are different, you will learn how to build your relationship with a representative of the opposite sex in a new way, listen and support him. You will learn to create the love you deserve. You just need to remember that your partner is a creature of a completely different warehouse, no less different from you than an alien from another planet. Then, instead of constantly being in tension, you can relax tense nerves and try to take advantage and pleasure from these differences, instead of stubbornly ignoring them or trying to remake your partner “for yourself.”

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3. You yourself are the blacksmith of your own happiness.

If we try to take into account our Martian/Venusian inclinations, we will clearly understand that men and women make these mistakes out of ignorance.

It’s never too late to fill your life with love. You just need to learn a new way of looking at things, whether you are in therapy or not. If you are striving for a more fulfilling relationship with the opposite sex, then John Gray’s training “Men and Women in Business” is for you!

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