What do men like, what do they fear, what do they dream about? Psychologists and statistics answer

1. How men feel about order

Man and order, PhotoMan and order, Photo

Ukrainian women, on average, spend about 20 hours a week cleaning their apartments, cooking and other household chores. But for our faithful, the “little things of life” take almost three times less: about 7 hours. Their most common excuse for doing anything around the house is: “You have no idea how busy I am at work!”
Sometimes it seems that a man simply does not notice the mess around him. But this is not so: he just knows that the woman is less tolerant of him – and expects that she will no longer be able to endure all this dirt and will take up the cleaning herself.

2. How men go shopping

Yes, men usually don’t like shopping. Ladies enjoy the process of choosing, searching, they like to consider, compare, and so on. They spend an average of 8 years of their lives shopping. The man will come in, name the size – and five minutes later he comes out with a purchase. And here it’s all about mother nature: after all, he is a hunter who needs to quickly and efficiently drive prey, and she is a gatherer who is always looking for something tasty.

3. What do men think of themselves

Male self-esteem, PhotoMale self-esteem, Photo

Paradox: unattractive men are more likely to consider themselves irresistible handsome men. If you ask the representatives of the stronger sex to rate their impact on women on a ten-point scale, then those who name eight or nine will pull, in our opinion, a maximum of two or three points. Why is that? The fact is that we love confident men … Here nature endows unattractive individuals with this quality, otherwise they would have no chance at all!
One of the weak points of men is comparison with others. Unflattering assessments associated with the experience and memories of a partner are feared by the majority of the stronger sex. Therefore, it is simply necessary for a loved one to be reminded that he is the best – and comparing him with anyone is simply stupid.

4. What kind of women are men looking for

What kind of women do men choose, PhotoWhat kind of women do men choose, Photo

68% of single men describe the girl of their dreams as having long blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs and a thin waist. Although, by the way, sexologists say that the most passionate and uninhibited young ladies in bed are not at all with the appearance of a “Barbie doll”, but girls with red hair and not the most fragile complexion.
Why does luck in personal life not depend on hair length and eye color – and women of all types find happiness? Probably, sooner or later, reasonable men understand (at least subconsciously) that it makes sense to move away from “doll standards” – and appreciate the one who is nearby …

5. How men experience intimacy

What men like, PhotoWhat men like, Photo

We want to be closer to each other, but we strive for this in different ways. Even in small things. For example, for a woman there is nothing more pleasant than being face to face with her beloved. And for men, a similar expression of closeness is to be side by side with their beloved. True, there is a moment at which our passions coincide: 94% of women and 90% of men consider kissing to be the highest form of manifestation of tender feelings – an ardent kiss.
Sometimes it seems that men are only able to be emotional when they talk about football… In fact, it is really difficult for them to talk about their experiences. This is how their brain works: they do not have a well-established connection between the speech center and the area responsible for feelings. Therefore, a gentleman either speaks or surrenders to feelings …

Psychologist advice. We often sin with stereotypes, borrowed at a tender age from the elders, and thoughtlessly assimilated. Like: “All men only want sex.” But if the mother, inspiring such attitudes, thus unconsciously tries to manipulate her daughter, then why should she herself? Let’s try to take a critical approach to any settings – and not generalize in advance, but check everything in practice!

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