What should a man say? What doesn’t he need to say? And if so, how? This is a whole science!

How to discuss relationships, PhotoHow to discuss relationships, Photo

What better not to talk about

Even if you are a single entity, some things are better left in your half. No, who says you have to cheat. Just do not need to touch some strings once again. So it’s not worth it…
● bombard the sweetheart with excessive “purely female” information. It is unlikely that he would be interested in listening for more than five minutes to what shade of boots your girlfriend grabbed at the sale. But we could talk about this for half an hour! But better – with another girlfriend.
● Frequently share with him the fact that you cannot live without him. He is, of course, flattered. But colorful confessions frighten and even alarm the descendants of hunters and warriors. There must be some mystery, some alluring “maybe”.
● Express aloud dissatisfaction with his features, not too unbearable (or fixable), but for him subjectively important. Well, a person likes to cut into computer battles. If they have not turned into an addiction, there is no need to tell him that this fun is worthy not of a husband, but of a boy.
● Express direct claims to his relatives. Especially to criticize his mother. Again, if she does not interfere with breathing, declaring to visit unannounced at midnight.
● By the way, it’s better not to complain too much about your relatives. And that is, there is a risk that later he will suddenly remember: “Well, why are you sorry for the money for a new TV! Have you really grown into your uncle, who gave you one candy a day?
● Demand manifestations of feelings. Answering the question: “Do you love me?”, A man feels cornered. “Do you doubt me? Haven’t I tried hard enough for you?!”

Speak but at the right time

How to talk to a man, PhotoHow to talk to a man, Photo

It happens that the topic itself is harmless and quite worthy of a conversation, but an attempt to negotiate is met with an unexpected rebuff. Most likely, it’s just not a very good time. Or a place. Or both.
● A rare man, unlike a typical woman, is able to do something and discuss something from another area at the same time. The stronger sex is convinced that all feelings should be shown at your leisure.
● It’s even more dangerous to start talking about impressions and perspectives when your sweetheart is busy at work. Let him know that you understand his problems and sympathize with them – and do not touch it once again until such a thing.
● Even if “the process has already started”, you run the risk of causing a gloomy face of the interlocutor, overloading him with information and demanding an immediate reaction. Let him think about what he heard, otherwise he will stop perceiving the conversation as a dialogue and leave the topic.

What to talk about

What to say to a man, PhotoWhat to say to a man, Photo

There are opposite things in life together. Those that are hushed up are more expensive for themselves. It is better to understand clearly, the sooner the better. Or just notice at the right time.
● His and your responsibilities. You will patiently wait for help, and for him it will be taken for granted that cleaning is a woman’s business. And then suddenly a breakdown: “Well, why don’t you take care of me ?!” And it’s easier for him when he clearly understands what they want from him.
● Yours and his preferences and “undesirable” fads. This also applies to intimate addictions and everyday habits.
● Your plans. The more clearly you can imagine where you would prefer to go on vacation, the less the risk of unpleasant surprises. The same goes for major expenses.
● His achievements. We have already talked about male pride. Having heard the approval, the gentleman spreads his tail and takes off with redoubled zeal to new heights. And if his efforts are not noticed and not appreciated, he will wither and give up. Encourage him, just appears for what.

Editor’s advice. How many times have they told the world that devoting a partner to the details of their relationship with other partners is of no use but harm. But something sometimes pulls the tongue in a moment of frankness to tell what exemplary Vasya happened to you before him (or vice versa, the unlucky Vanya). Well, comparisons of male pride do not amuse, they only hurt!

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