Undoubtedly, every girl on the eve of February 23 asks the question: “What to give to your beloved?” If you are too, then forget about banal razors and colognes, finally give your man something unusual and original, because there are many options for gifts..


1. Certificate

Having learned the hobby of a loved one, you can give a “gift-impression”. This can be a certificate for a horseback ride, a go-kart race, a parachute jump, a paid massage or SPA session, a subscription to your favorite magazine.

2. Romantic dinner

Another option for an emotional gift. Make your sweetheart an unforgettable evening, cook his favorite dish, put on a nice outfit, light candles and create a romantic atmosphere.

3. Gift-memory

It can be a general photograph in a beautiful and unusual frame, a book by your favorite writer or even some collector’s edition, a catchy T-shirt with an inscription and a photo, an original flask, etc.

4. Clothing or accessories

Knowing the guy’s style, you can choose a shirt, tie or bow tie for him, he will also be happy with a new watch, cufflinks or purse.

5. Board games

A great option is table hockey or football, the original chessboard. You can even play a joke and present a car or a radio-controlled helicopter, because all men remain little boys in their hearts, and such an amazing present will be to your lover’s taste.


Congratulations men on February 23! Gift Ideas

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