After Ukrainian social networks began to beat from a large-scale flash mob #‎i’m not afraid to saya new problem has arisen that requires a comment by psychologists.

psychology panicpsychology panic

Under the tag #‎i’m not afraid to say hundreds of women spoke about their or known experiences of violence. For many, it was a surprise that almost everyone faced the experience of harassment, traumatization in childhood, attempts, successful and not, violence.

But even those who were lucky enough to avoid such traumatic situations now have their hearts out of place. Mothers complain that they feel panicky fear for their children, especially girls. Girls panic at the thought of returning home late at night after reading these scary but true stories.

fear panicfear panic

famous psychologist Svetlana Roiz on her Facebook page, she decided to act “on the topic of the day” in hot pursuit.

Here are 10 simple, effective tips on how to get rid of panic and stop “trying on” someone else’s traumatic experience.etc.

Svetlana RoizSvetlana Roiz

Wool ‪#‎i’m not afraid to say stirred up something that had been encapsulated and muffled for many years … already now I have very complicated letters of request in my mail.

About what covers with panic, what is scary for children, that there are sharp jumps in mood, what the body reacts to, a hysterical state …

For many, a traumatic experience – not healed – is now covered with a wave of group traumatization – a funnel of tThe ravma unwinds, drawing in those who are now unable to keep their balance.

Let’s stabilize.

1. Stop reading posts.

2. You need to focus right now on the present – color, taste, posture, heat-cold – what is right now in front of your eyes, what the body feels, what emotion, what thought right now.

3. Eat something sweet, drink tea with sugar.

4. Give your body an intense workout – run, squat, dance. Bring back the feeling of the body. You can, standing under the shower, alternately “touch” water to all parts of the body.

deal with panicdeal with panic

5. Search the Internet for “emotional release techniques” – this is a good stabilizing method of tapping certain points.

6. Do something that will give you a sense of the boundaries of the body – move your hands, tap, take a shower – imagining that you will get rid of the experience of other people.

7. Imagine drawing a line between today and the past – draw, imagine, act out – as if you are stepping out the door of the past and closing it tightly.

8. Looking at your children, try to feel and say mentally – I know that you have your own life and destiny, not like mine or someone else’s.

deal with a panic attackdeal with a panic attack

9. When you have the strength and the intention matures, please go to a psychologist.

10. There is a very good book – Peter Levin – healing from trauma. 12 steps. It describes the mechanisms of healing. But it does not replace individual therapy.

“Behind” any injury there is Life and Power. Let’s allow ourselves not to fall through and feed the funnel of trauma.