Among the reasons for divorce, treason firmly holds the first place. That is why we suffer so much from jealousy. How to learn to soberly assess the situation and not let jealousy ruin your relationship?


Women’s pangs of jealousy

“Why did you leave the room with a mobile phone when you got a call?”, “Where did you stay so late on your way home from work?”… With such “classic signs” of male infidelity, female torture with jealousy often begins. Women who are currently suffering from self-esteem, for example, those who are on maternity leave or who have lost their jobs, are especially inclined to doubt the fidelity of their spouse. And that’s it, thoughts of divorce begin to circle in my head …


Psychologist advice. All these “symptoms” can be explained by problems at work. The husband tries not to disturb his wife with work difficulties, not knowing that incredible assumptions can be born in her head. If something is embarrassing in the behavior of the spouse, it is worth talking, asking him to be more frank.

Another “classic” sign is a man’s sudden attention to his appearance. For example, a well-fed husband who was never interested in sports bought a subscription to a fitness room and updated his wardrobe. This worried the wife. But her surveillance turned up nothing. It turned out that a woman was really involved in the case, but … a five-year-old! A little daughter once said to her father: “Dad, you are so fat, when you bring me to kindergarten, all the children laugh.” The wife dismissed the “baby talk”, but it had an effect on her husband.

Psychologist advice. Surely the man already had “calls”: maybe his wife threw reproaches for neglecting her own appearance, or maybe she expressed fears that excessive weight would cause health problems. So he thought and drew conclusions.

How do men get jealous?


Men also react suspiciously to a suddenly prettier wife: since she seeks to look attractive to other men, it means that her partner does not suit her. Here is a story a reader shared with us: “I noticed that my wife was in a good mood all the time, her makeup became brighter, new outfits appeared. And going shopping in the evening (!), I returned late and sometimes empty-handed. Didn’t quarrel. On the contrary, he began to say compliments, cleaned the apartment, cooked dinner a couple of times. She was very happy. You, he says, are the best, I knew!”

Psychologist’s advice. I would like to applaud the wise wife – without screaming and accusations, she inspired her husband to positive changes! Family psychologists do not at all urge partners to sit back in a situation where “it smells of betrayal”. It doesn’t hurt to understand what’s going on. Just don’t think that signs of infidelity are always infidelity.

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