Building a harmonious relationship in a couple without trust is impossible.

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According to the psychologist of the Save Our Family project on the STB channel, Irina Kirichenko, trust is born in the process of communication. If a person is inclined to trust the first person he meets, then this is an indicator that something is wrong with his way of interacting with the environment. The new and the unknown can be fraught with danger, and it is wise and justified to take a closer look first.

Reasons for losing trust

They may be different.

For example:

  • Change
  • Deception
  • Failure to keep promises
  • Contradiction between words and actions of a person
  • Jealousy

How to regain trust?

It is very difficult to regain lost trust, and sometimes it is simply impossible. It must be remembered that this process is long and sometimes painful. Therefore, before making any attempts to restore it, you should think about whether you are ready to work long and hard.

Irina KirichenkoIrina Kirichenko

Rule One: It makes no sense to close your eyes and pretend that nothing happened. To understand how to restore trust in a relationship, first of all, you need to admit your pain and resentment – and clearly tell your partner about your feelings. Use “I-messages” for this, always speak in the first person: “I feel injustice”, “I find it hard to believe”, “I am in a lot of pain”.

Second rule: Be sincere with your partner. Do not lie even in trifles and consider every word and action. If a person does not believe you, he will look for confirmation of his suspicions. Therefore, it will take patience and time to regain the trust of the one you love. Sincerely talk about your pain from what caused suffering to a loved one. The slightest lie can be fatal.

Third rule: if the trust of a loved one is lost due to failure to fulfill promises, in order to return it, you need to learn how to measure your capabilities with promises and stop encouraging your partner in anything. If you were sure that you could fulfill your promises, and then something went wrong, explain to your soul mate what happened and look for a way out of the situation together.

Fourth rule: if a partner is an incorrigible jealous man with an exaggerated feeling of jealousy and he does not need a real reason for accusations, he finds him everywhere, and often where he is not, then living with such a person is very difficult. You will have to constantly prove your love to your partner both by actions and words, because such people are subconsciously afraid that someone will be better and they will be left alone, therefore they constantly control and terrorize their loved ones. You will have to give up close contacts with other men: friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. Tell your partner about everything that happened in his absence. He should always know where and with whom you are and what you are doing.

The Kirilchenko family also faced the problem of loss of trust, which turned to the Save Our Family project in order to restore harmony in their relationship. During the second week on the project, Evgenia and Alexander confess to each other that they consider treason to be the worst offense. But how will Zhenya react to the fact that her husband has long been providing intimate services for money? Will Sasha find an excuse, look today at 20:00 on the air of the project “Save Our Family” on the STB channel.

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