Do you want luck to never leave your house, and your family to live in abundance? Make a folk amulet for your home – a motanka doll!

Motanka dollsMotanka dolls

With the help of an ancient Ukrainian amulet – motanok dolls, even our ancestors attracted good luck and prosperity to the house.

Do you also want your house to be a full bowl? Then make a charm-motanka with your own hands, and Oksana Muzychenko, the finalist of the craftsmen’s competition, will show how to do it correctly in the program “Everything will be kind” on the STB channel.

Handmade master Oksana Volkova will tell you how to make a special motanka doll to bring good luck and prosperity to your house.

And psychic Anna Galiers, an expert on family charms, will tell you where in the house it is right to store such a charm doll.

Making a motanka doll is not at all difficult. Oksana Muzychenko demonstrated how to make paired dolls – the Rich Man and the Zernovushka, which will help attract all the best to your home.

You need to fill the dolls with natural materials – wheat or buckwheat, and be sure to put garlic and a coin inside the motanka. Find out what each component of the doll is responsible for in the next video.

How to make a motanka doll? (Video)