Unrequited love is like measles. At least once, almost everyone has been ill with this disease …

Unhappy love, PhotoUnhappy love, Photo

You constantly think and dream only about him, and he just treats you well. You yourself understand that there is no chance for reciprocity, and you need to forget about these dreams and live on. And still you can’t stop this endless internal monologue addressed to him… Lost sleep and appetite, can’t concentrate on work. How long will this continue?

Unrequited love, PhotoUnrequited love, Photo

In fact, it only seems that you “can’t do anything with yourself.” It depends only on you what exactly this feeling will become for you: a heavy burden that constantly pulls you to the ground, or a bright memory that brought new colors into your life.
Psychologists say that unrequited love lasts about nine months, after which the “fire” gradually fades away. If you don’t feed him. It is not necessary to “fight yourself” and “forbid yourself to feel.” It is enough to agree to let go of the painful feeling, to tell yourself that over time it will subside – and not to reopen spiritual wounds once again, not to constantly throw fuel into this fire. After all, important resources become fuel for an unrequited feeling: physical health, peace of mind, relationships with loved ones. Having spent too much of yourself on maintaining the feeling, then you feel inner devastation.

Love and creativity, PhotoLove and creativity, Photo

Love is a gift, it is not given to everyone. Thank fate for these emotions – and try to direct their energy not to suffering and complaints, but “in a peaceful direction.” Psychoanalysts call this process sublimation, and if you put it in a simple way, then so much energy should not be wasted senselessly!
Love is inspiration. It is in this state of spiritual uplift that you can discover talents in yourself that you did not even suspect. Poetry, music, painting, photography… Any creative process is a wide road for the feeling that is now rushing about in you, finding no way out. Even one that was not inspired before. Mentally dedicate the project entrusted to you to your loved one – and go for it! In this state, even “lying stones” can be moved, for which there was not enough strength and fuse.

Unrequited love, PhotoUnrequited love, Photo

It is difficult to think logically now, and yet love is material for reflection and analysis. Why did you choose this particular person? How did he attract you, what string did he touch in your soul? By reflecting on your feelings, you can learn more about yourself. And not only “get rid of the obsession”, but also become wiser, enriched mentally.
Try to take from your feeling all its positive, valuable aspects and effects. Then you will not slide into despondency, exhaustion and depression. A cheerful, enthusiastic person attracts good luck … and fans! Your shared love is yet to come!

Editor’s advice. There is no such thing as a “soulmate”. There is such a thing as “suitable partner”. But what is it good for? Ask yourself: “What do I want, what do I expect from a possible relationship?” Marriage and kids? Sex and pleasure? Romance and subtle experiences? The next question is: “Is it even possible, in principle, to get it with this person?” And the next one: “How much time do I give myself to worry about the impossible?”

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