It is believed that opposites attract. However, there is an opinion that for a happy union, a man and a woman should be similar in everything. What does the partner compatibility formula actually look like?

According to the age

Compatibility by age, PhotoCompatibility by age, Photo

A large difference in years often creates problems. A more mature partner often becomes a leader in a relationship – and it’s good if the younger one is satisfied with his subordinate position. However, he may get tired of “playing second fiddle”, and friction and conflict will arise.
Another difficulty that has to be overcome is the attitude of others towards the “unequal union”. Of course, lovers say that they are stronger than any prejudices, but it is unlikely that they will be completely ignored. It is more difficult to build relationships with parents, friends of the half.
According to psychologists, it is desirable that the difference should not exceed seven years. Many believe that a relationship in which a man is older is more harmonious – it is more important for him to feel more mature.

By settings

Compatibility in upbringing, PhotoCompatibility in upbringing, Photo

Age differences will smooth out over time, but partners “carry with them” the difference in upbringing all their lives. Music, films, books, objects that surround a person since childhood, significantly affect his worldview. Even greater obstacles are the difference in religion, traditions, political views.
Those who agree to accept the beliefs and views of a loved one manage to get out of this situation – and create their own world together with him, look for common values ​​and goals. This, of course, is very difficult.

The nature

Compatibility by nature, PhotoCompatibility by nature, Photo

Another difficult piece of the “puzzle” called “compatibility”. However, it is quite possible to overcome it if there is a desire to go towards each other. Surely you have noticed that in one pair a sociable extrovert can perfectly complement a gloomy homebody, and in another, people with the same “data” are burdened by each other’s features. The ability to accept another person with all his shortcomings is very important. In addition, it is good to agree “still on the shore” about what is acceptable and unacceptable for each of you.
Each of us can have oddities and eccentricities, however, there are several character traits that allow, in spite of everything, to create the basis for a strong harmonious relationship:
● ability to compromise;
● a strong desire to make a loved one happy;
● generosity;
● sense of humor.
And it is precisely these features that most people call when describing the ideal image of their half!

Portrait of a perfect couple

Perfect couple, PhotoPerfect couple, Photo

According to sexologists, the ideal couple is a woman who is over thirty and a twenty-five-year-old man. She is at the peak of her sensuality, and he has accumulated enough experience and has not wasted his strength.
According to statistics, the most stable unions are those in which the man is 2-5 years older than his wife. As you know, girls are somewhat ahead of boys in development, and this difference persists for up to 25 years – by the time when many marry. And the interests, aspirations, life experience of such a couple are similar.
Of course, this does not mean that other lovers cannot achieve complete harmony. You just need to consider a few factors.
● An owl or a lark is your chosen one – do your biorhythms match? Otherwise, just when one wants affection, the other is already falling asleep and is not inclined to be active. If you do not match, you can find a time when one is already waking up, while the other is not yet falling asleep.
● How often does a loved one have a need for sex? What will he do if it turns out that your “appetites” do not match? Is he capable of dialogue and searching for a golden mean that would satisfy both?
● Are you good at expressing your needs and emotions? Discuss your aspirations and wishes without hiding them and without going into a demonstration of “resentment and misunderstanding”?
Any differences can be successfully compensated by attention, love and tenderness!

Editor’s advice. An overly pessimistic attitude “we are so different with him, and therefore we will probably fail” is just as unproductive as an overly optimistic one “we are not like everyone else, our feelings are unique, and therefore no differences will interfere with us.” You can overcome any discrepancies – but for this you need the desire of both to go towards each other!

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