Dreams are just hints and give us signals. How to correctly interpret erotic dreams and what does our unconscious say? Let’s try to decipher their signs.

Woman sleeping - photoWoman sleeping - photo

If you dream of having sex with a friend

Sex with a friend, relative or other person with whom nothing like this has ever happened in reality and simply cannot be does not mean at all that you are drawn to incest or seduction of a friend. This is only evidence that the dreamer causes you increased attention and interest in a purely human way. Perhaps you would like to master something that is in it – and what you lack.

If you dream of sex with a woman

Sex with a woman also does not report “hidden unconventionality” (as impressionable young ladies sometimes get scared). It seems that in life you just do not have enough “sentiment”. Maybe your partner is too courageous and restrained – and does not give you enough affection, warmth, tenderness.

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Dreaming of having sex with a stranger

Sex with an unfamiliar character signals a lack of vivid impressions: perhaps you would like to go beyond the usual, but shyness interferes. And psychologists also believe that this is evidence that the girl has a well-developed sense of humor.

Dreaming of having sex with an ex

Sex with your “ex” does not indicate that you would like to return him, but that somewhere deep down you tend to compare your chosen ones: how are they different, who is better with.

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If you dream of having sex with an enemy

Having sex with someone you don’t like doesn’t mean you secretly want it. Rather, on the one hand, it would be interesting for you to understand that “nothing human” is alien to the enemy, and on the other hand, you would like to defeat him morally. This is how the compensation for the resentment not expressed in reality takes place.

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