Are you dating a young man and want to impress his friends? There is nothing easier – “Liza” will give you some tips on how to impress and become your own in a male company.

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Don’t dress too revealing

You should not appear in front of your boyfriend’s friends in transparent, too open and sexy images – they may think that they are available not only for their young man. However, you should not go to extremes and dress in the style of a strict classy lady either – it is better to choose something neutral and seasoned.

Get off your boyfriend

It is only natural that in a new company you may feel some discomfort. It is quite possible that all those gathered will not immediately rush to entertain you, but the whole evening “hanging” on your young man is also not an option. Try to unhook from your loved one and make contact with everyone else.

Play by their rules

Before you appear in a friendly company, which includes your chosen one, certain rules and traditions have already developed. Try to accept them, even if you are not satisfied with everything. You should not publicly demonstrate your displeasure – you can express all claims later.

Chat with everyone

In a mixed company, try to communicate with guests of both sexes. It’s not difficult to meet girls and sit in their company all evening, however, if you want to earn “extra points”, communicate with men too.

Don’t flirt with his friends

Flirting with his friends will not lead to anything good. Especially the object of flirting will turn out to be a “married man” – in this case, you may encounter not only the manifestation of jealousy of your young man, but also a showdown with the lawful wife of a friend. If someone from the male company begins to knock wedges towards you, fight back correctly. By the way, you can promise to introduce him to your pretty girlfriend.

Following these simple rules, you will soon become “one of your own” in the male company of your boyfriend’s friends.