How to behave so that the beloved man stays with you, and not with another woman? There are several behaviors, and each has its pros and cons.

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You do not arrange showdowns, clarifications and scandals. You are calm. You take care of yourself and your family – as if nothing had happened. When they try to gossip in front of you, you take on a cold look a la “this is beneath my dignity.” If, however, you catch a conversation between a dear tête-à-tête with an outside lady, you retire in proud silence and pour silent reproach on him already. Let him be ashamed that he fell so low.

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Positive: a lady keeping her own affairs in order looks much more advantageous than an aunt actively getting into other people’s. You stay interesting and attractive because you spend your time not on wiretapping, but on the gym and good books. Your silence disturbs, excites and hurts. He wants to win you back.
Negative: men have severe bouts of fatal stupidity. He may not realize that it is you who lure him so in the network. And decide that your behavior is a manifestation of indifference, which means that “everything is allowed” to him.
Conclusion: using this tactic, it is necessary to simultaneously observe its effectiveness on a specific male specimen.

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Positive: he may be impressed by the extent of your feelings for him. Plus the pleasantness of extreme sensations: a thriller! Many couples experience mutual pleasure from such shakes.
Negative: to complain – to look pathetic, to swear and scare – to look like an evil vixen. Both of these can be humiliating. Especially unsympathetic public disassembly.
Conclusion: can be used if you are sure that only shock therapy will help in such a crisis. Either it will return, or it will completely collapse. Also, sometimes it’s better than pulling and suffering.

You ask him what he saw in her. You remind me that you can find more and better in you. You call her for a conversation – and explain how wrong she is. Spoils his karma. It torments him with the need to break. Yes, and it does not acquire benefits, except for the image of a snake-lover.

Relationships, PhotoRelationships, Photo

Positive: they become understanding. Repent. You reward yourself with the laurels of a great psychologist.
Negative: they become incomprehensible. And the tug-of-war continues. What can I say? Either they are so unreasonable that they are worth each other (and your little finger is not worth it), or everything has already gone too far with them.
Conclusion: even if the dialogue does not work out, no one bothers to apply part of tactics one or two – patience or storm and onslaught. Depending on what you want: wait for a change in your favor or receive moral compensation in the end.

Psychologist advice. Remember that by scolding a person directly, you put another person in defense of the scolded. A more subtle effect looks like this. You speak well of her. But you turn it so that it doesn’t look like that. For example, you emphasize how she knows how to look and charm. But at the same time you make it clear that in love affairs she has a lot of experience. And you are good – you recognize other people’s virtues. And it is not very good – it is set at an unfavorable angle.

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