Every girl craves care, flowers, compliments. It is doubly pleasant when such signs of attention are rendered by someone who is attractive to you. But what to do with an obsessive boyfriend, in whose company you do not like to be at all? It can be both a new acquaintance and a person who has been trying to earn your favor for years.

How to get rid of an annoying admirer?  - a photoHow to get rid of an annoying admirer?  - a photo

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There is no need for a serious conversation. Try to calmly but firmly explain to the fan that nothing can happen between you. You should not show excessive gentleness or try to console a man: you must demonstrate steadfastness of character and categorical decision. Do not focus on the shortcomings of the interlocutor, do not try to offend or offend. Better hint that there are hundreds of other girls around who will be happy to build a relationship with him. Hold on confidently, otherwise the fan may notice that you hesitate, which means he has a chance. Throw away pity, even if a man declares that without you his life is empty and has no meaning. These are attempts to manipulate you. As much as you’d like to show mercy, his feelings are none of your concern. You are not obliged to sort things out, to make excuses and explain the reasons.

Cancel contact

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No one has ever died from unrequited love. Give a person the opportunity to start living without you. Don’t ask a fan for help if you want to get rid of his company. By doing you a favor, he will hope for a reward. This also applies to gifts: do not accept gifts from someone who is unpleasant to you. Even an innocent bouquet of flowers can give him hope.

Let me know that your heart is taken

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Unfortunately, sometimes fans are simply obsessed with their crush. A man can literally not give passage, watch, often call. Manic behavior needs to be cut down. The most effective way is to show that you yourself are passionate about someone. It is not necessary to start a real relationship if you do not have a lover. Show your fan in the company of a brother, friend or even a neighbor. So it will be easier for the fan to accept and let you go.

How to respond to rudeness?

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Be prepared that a touchy boyfriend in a fit of anger can tell you or your mutual friends a lot of nasty things. After all the tender confessions, such behavior for a girl often comes as a real surprise. Don’t take his words to heart. The inability to control your emotions and unhealthy self-esteem only says that you did the right thing by excluding such a person from your life now, and not later. If the offended admirer is not distinguished by nobility, this is not your fault. Try to be philosophical about the situation: it is common for a person who cannot get something they want to try to devalue it in their eyes, put it in a bad light in order to minimize the level of stress. Don’t worry about gossip – your loved ones will always be on your side.

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