While some women make every effort to go down the aisle for the first time, others at the age of twenty-five already have time to visit the registry office twice, or even thrice. There is no secret, you just need to carefully observe each of the seven points below.

marry a foreigner - photomarry a foreigner - photo

1. Make him feel like a hunter

If you want to get married, then you must show with all your appearance that there is no such desire in your head. Men have been hunters for centuries, and now that they no longer need to hunt mammoths for food, they hunt women for pleasure. The main thing is to let such a man understand that the only way to win you is to get married.

2. Make him jealous

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It is enough to have a fictitious lover, periodically turn off the phone and be late for a meeting with your beloved man. Believe me, he will have a lot of suspicions and various options for the development of events, and the only solution to save the relationship and his “property rights” will be a wedding. True, you should not overdo it here, because instead of the desired ring, you can get a “turn from the gate”.

3. Let him hear everything himself

Be frank with your man, tell him directly about your desire to be a married woman, and not a common-law wife or concubine. You can put pressure on pity by saying that relatives and friends do not approve of your family life without official registration.

4. Let him see you as a weak woman

fear of marriagefear of marriage

Men love to be heroes, so women should demonstrate their helplessness as often as possible. The more often you ask for help from your man, the more firmly the idea that without him you will not survive at all in this terrible and evil world will sit in his head, which means that the thought of a wedding will definitely visit him.

5. Let him live in your fantasy

There is nothing criminal if you “edit” reality to suit your own desires and give him this information in the form that you yourself created. Fabricated problems or obstacles can greatly speed up the pace of his thoughts regarding the marriage proposal.

6. Let circumstances push him.

Changing a passport, obtaining a visa or a driver’s license are official manipulations with documents that are best done after changing the surname, remind him of this on occasion.

7. Let it be exactly that

If you want to get married, then initially choose a man who is ready for marriage, values ​​family values ​​and believes in love to the grave. Perhaps this is the most correct solution!