You can find out what character a man is even before communicating with him. You just need to look at the main profile picture in his profile on social networks and draw the right conclusions.

Woman at the computer - photoWoman at the computer - photo

Psychologist Natalya Kholodenko told how the character of a man can be determined from the avatar in the program “Everything will be kind” on STB.

It turns out that there are five types of photos that men put up as an avatar, which allows you to tell a lot of interesting things about them. For example, if a man is depicted in the photo while relaxing. this suggests that the sphere of recreation is important to him.

in nature with catsin nature with cats

How to decipher other types of avatars, see the following video

You can understand what kind of a man is in a relationship from his photo on the social network (Video)

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