Beloved man began to pay less attention to you, give you gifts, invite you to dinner, and your intimate life has almost come to naught? How to fall in love with a man again and refresh past feelings in a relationship?

Couple - photoCouple - photo

The experts of the TV magazine “Everything will be kind” on STB – psychologist Natalya Kholodenko, molfarka Magdalena Mochiovski and doctor Lyudmila Shupenyuk know what to do and will share their secrets that will help renew a man’s interest in you.

Molfarca Magdalena Mochiovski showed several magical rites that will help strengthen the relationship between husband and wife and restore harmony to the family.

Psychologist Natalya Kholodenko believes that you need to remember how a romantic relationship began and become desirable for a man again using the techniques that a woman used at the beginning of a relationship.

And the doctor Lyudmila Shupenyuk is sure that before you return the interest of your husband, you need to work on your self-esteem and make it clear to the man that other men pay attention to you.

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5 steps to help you fall in love with your man again (Video)