You enjoy each other and the relaxing environment. Romance at the resort heats the blood and brings a lot of pleasure. But what if you see that he fell in love in earnest? Insist on a meeting after the holidays? And you don’t see your resort macho as a permanent partner. What to do?

How to easily and painlessly part with a man with whom you managed to survive a fleeting but pleasant summer adventure?

  1. leave early

A simple departure in English remains a classic goodbye. No clarification of relationships and other things. Block the contact on your phone and that’s it. Another thing is that such an act can make you feel guilty.


  1. Give thanks for the time together

This method is good if both of you explained yourself at the very meeting: there will be no continuation. Then on the day of departure, after packing your bags, invite him for a half-hour walk. Say that you liked everything very much and that you had a good time with him. So you put a beautiful end to this small but bright story about love.


  1. Show your bad sides

This option will work if you always suspected good acting skills. And also – do not suffer from shyness. A day or two before the last day on vacation, start turning into a bitch. In a whine. In hysterics. Draw a scene of jealousy. As a result, the man, most likely, himself will prefer not to do business with you anymore. A side effect – in his memory you will remain just like that – a fury with tousled hair and a twisted face.


  1. Dream about marriage and children

The action is similar to point number 3: most men are very tense with the plans that women build around them. Especially matrimonial ones. It’s a paradox, but even the most gentle and romantic man who dreams of a family can “buck up”, feeling that his freedom is under threat. Therefore, do not be shy – paint in colors how you will invite all your friends to the wedding, what kind of bachelorette party you will have, what color you will paint each other’s nails, what you will name your three daughters and all in the same spirit.


  1. Write a beautiful farewell letter

In the spirit of old novels. Two options are possible, and both should suit you: a man either considers himself flattered (we promise – he has never received such a thing in his life) and calmly lets you go, or decides that you are a little crazy – and decides not to mess with you.