What kind of woman does a real man want to see next to him? Beautiful, smart, caring… The list of the most important female characteristics for each man may be different. But there are two invariable qualities that every representative of the beautiful half of society should develop in herself – femininity and sexuality.

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Beauty is not everything!

Today, the modern possibilities of cosmetology can turn even the most ordinary “gray mouse” into a real beauty. Indeed, we all strive to look beautiful and make a lot of efforts to please ourselves and others. Men love with their eyes – it’s no secret. They are the most important connoisseurs of female beauty and charm. But, as the practice of life shows, they marry far to always beautiful. Because in addition to external beauty, a real woman must radiate sexual energy and remain feminine.

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What do men think about femininity and sexuality?

These qualities certainly cannot be clearly defined. One thing is certain – these are much more important characteristics for ladies than beauty and charm. But each man understands in his own way what femininity and sexuality are. Let’s find out what the representatives of the stronger sex think about this.

Dmitry, 35 years old, programmer: “Femininity is manifested in everything – in the gait, in the manner of “carrying oneself”, in the voice, in the look … It is difficult to explain, because not always a beautiful girl has femininity and sexuality. But I agree that we, men, immediately notice these qualities in women.

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

Eugene, 27 years old, sales manager: “When I meet a beautiful girl, not only her appearance is important to me. Sometimes long-legged beauties can turn out to be absolutely uninteresting, “empty” from the inside and from the first phrases. It seems to me that femininity and sexuality is manifested at the level of fluids. We somehow immediately feel them and begin the “hunt”. And a woman does not have to meet the standards of beauty. It should feel a special charm – this is femininity.

Yura, 31 years old, economist: “I recognize feminine ladies at first sight, from the first smile. Just femininity is read even in photographs. It is in the eyes and you can’t hide it, just like sexuality. It is important for every girl to develop precisely these qualities in herself, because they distinguish a woman from a man.

How to develop femininity and sexuality in yourself?

Femininity and sexuality are formed in the process of upbringing, but are often suppressed by the same upbringing, attitudes and stereotypes.

How to develop femininity and sexuality in yourself? How to become a tantric woman and learn to master the tools of seduction? How to accumulate female energy and awaken sexuality? How to get rid of negative experiences in the past, increase self-esteem and create your ideal image?

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These are, perhaps, one of the most important questions that a woman asks herself, striving to be loved, desired and happy. Now each of you can get answers to them!

The art of being a woman or what do men want?

Psychologist with 10 years of experience, coach on femininity and sexuality, owner of the school “Beauty and female perfection”, Missis Ukraine Mira and just a happy wife and mother Elena Tribrat invites all women to a live training “The art of being a woman … or what do men want?”, which will take place in Kyiv this Saturday, September 12 from 11:00 to 19:00 at Taras Shevchenko boulevard, 36-a

Top 13 secrets to be revealed for every woman

During the training you will learn:

  1. On the power of female touch
  2. Who is a tantric woman;
  3. What does Your voice within him mean;
  4. About the tools of female seduction;
  5. What does it mean to think like “he”, act like “she”;
  6. Morning rituals for the accumulation of female energy;
  7. Awakening sexuality;
  8. Where to meet a decent man?;
  9. The secret of “falling in love” with yourself, increasing self-confidence;
  10. The secret of 100% female victory in any situation;
  11. Three secrets of the life of female energy;
  12. Liberation from the past;
  13. Creating your ideal look.
Elena Tribrat - photoElena Tribrat - photo

– Every woman needs to understand and feel her feminine nature, it is extremely valuable to be able to build harmonious relationships in the family and with her man.
That is why, I suggest that you learn in more detail how to do this, and also plunge into the world of male desires, understand how to always be an irresistible and amazing woman!
I myself went this way, and it was not always easy, but now I know exactly what it takes to be loved and happy.
And I will be happy to share this with you in my author’s training. (Elena Tribrat).

For more information about the author’s training by Elena Tribrat, you can find out HERE.