How to react when the actions of others infuriate so much that you think: “How all this infuriates me!”?

Irritation can be compared to caustic acid or a spring compressed to the limit, which causes discomfort and interferes with life. Holding it back is harmful, splashing it out is impolite, and sometimes even dangerous. What to do with it?
• This feeling is one of the types of aggression. It occurs when we don’t get what we want. You were going to tell your friend about your successes, but instead you spend an hour listening to her complaints about life. I wanted to talk to the boss about the salary, but he hasn’t been able to see you for a week.
• As a result, tension builds up and bursts out. And the most unpleasant thing is that innocent people sometimes become victims of such an “explosion”. They just fell under the hot hand.
• It is important to notice your irritation in time and figure out what caused it. Then you will be able to understand how to act in such unpleasant situations.

Children are freaking out

Company with children, PhotoCompany with children, Photo

You and your friends have not met for a long time – and now you finally got together at home, in the country or at a picnic. You just can’t wait to talk! But restless children come running all the time, asking for something – they interfere with communication.
Answer. Do not expect from the kids that they will show tact and leave you alone with the guests. Calmly explain to them that you missed your friends, so you can’t be pulled for an hour – adults need to chat about their own. And then you will communicate all together.
The main thing is to find an interesting activity for the children while you are absorbed in the conversation. And it is important to keep the word – really come to the kids after the agreed time.

Annoying husband
He loves to hang around in the bathroom, and all you have to do is walk nervously under the door and demand to vacate the room … And in response only: “I’m sorry, I’ll be there soon!”
Answer. Think about why your spouse’s behavior makes you feel this way. What exactly do you want: to chat with him or take a shower? Agree with your husband that before locking himself in the bathroom, he will announce his plans. Then you can either take a shower first, or ask for a quick water treatment, because you want to be with him.

Problems with mom
All your conversations with your mother are an endless series of her complaints about health, counterfeit drugs, as well as sellers, politicians, neighbors …
Answer. Think about how you want to see your communication, and then tell your mom about it. If you want to talk to her about your life and get support, then say, “Mom, I need to share something with you. Please listen – only you can understand and cheer me up!”

Colleague stole the idea

Colleagues, PhotoColleagues, Photo

You shared a good idea with a colleague – and he immediately presented it to the management. Naturally, posing as his own. You are beside yourself!
Answer. The colleague acted, to put it mildly, ugly. And you have every right to express your indignation. Express your opinion to him about his act, but try to do it in the most calm way. By the way, there is a plus in what happened: now you know for sure that you cannot trust this person.

You are not repaid

Girlfriends, PhotoGirlfriends, Photo

A friend borrowed money from you and still won’t pay it back. She doesn’t even say when she intends to do it.
Answer. If you really need this amount, do not torment yourself with vain expectation, but remind you of the money. Perhaps a friend just twirled and forgot. Agree with her about the return date and next time be more careful.
Isn’t it about the money? Then think about whether you can forgive this act to a friend.

Editor’s advice. We often feel irritated about things that are characteristic of ourselves. Someone’s carelessness, bad luck, inability to arrange one’s life – why, in fact, do they worry us so much? Yes, because other people are in some ways “mirrors” of ourselves … Therefore, if someone’s shortcomings annoy you, this is a good signal to find them in yourself and get rid of them! 🙂