On the eve of Valentine’s Day, it will be useful to carry out several beauty rituals in order to give your partner an unforgettable experience about this holiday.

How to prepare the body for February 14 - photoHow to prepare the body for February 14 - photo

The first step is to return to the body the beauty and smoothness lost during the winter, eliminate dryness, roughness and tightness, and also try to get rid of skin imperfections. Of course, it is impossible to overcome cellulite in one day, but it is quite possible to increase the tone and elasticity of the skin.

how to make February 14 unforgettable - photohow to make February 14 unforgettable - photo

First, prepare the skin for applying a special anti-cellulite product (choose those that contain:

  • ivy extracts,
  • horse chestnut,
  • ginkgo biloba,
  • arnica,
  • seaweed,
  • caffeine,
  • vitamin A,
  • AHA acids,
  • fat-splitting enzymes that help remove fats and toxins from the body)

or to the wrapping procedure –

  • with seaweed – to improve body contours,
  • fruit and berry or creamy – to moisturize and nourish the skin,
  • with honey – for its regeneration,
  • with coffee grounds, mummy or citrus fruits – to improve tone.

To do this, warm it up well in the shower with peeling (ready-made or prepared by hand using the same coffee grounds, honey or sugar with the addition of olive and essential oils) and massage with a special mitt or roller.

How to drive a man crazy February 14 - photoHow to drive a man crazy February 14 - photo

Pay attention to your feet in the shower, work them with a pumice stone or a special file, and then apply cream and put on warm socks.

Arrange a similar procedure for your hands: exfoliate the skin with a scrub and apply the cream, rubbing it intensively into the cuticles, and also walk for about 20 minutes in cotton gloves. You will achieve the best result if you leave socks and gloves on your feet and hands all night.

How to make February 14 an unforgettable day - photoHow to make February 14 an unforgettable day - photo

By the way, in the shower, use a perfumed gel (better than one brand with your perfume), it will prolong the sound of your favorite eau de toilette. Or apply perfume with aphrodisiacs in the composition – essential oils:

  • ylang-ylang,
  • cinnamon,
  • wormwood,
  • bergamot,
  • sandal,
  • orange,
  • ginger,
  • jasmine,
  • violets,
  • nutmeg rose) in the composition.

Your partner will not be able to resist and not be able to take their eyes off you … and hands!

Prepared by: T. Latypova