What awaits a relationship in a couple where the partner is older than the man?

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Of course, it is impossible to characterize all couples with such age inequality in the same way. And yet they always have something subtly in common. And a characteristic perky challenge, mixed with some awkwardness. And some special tenderness, which teenagers in love do not have. And thoughts: “Are we really so wonderfully suited to each other? Still, we are so different…”, which can sometimes come to the most loving and disinterested. What unites and holds them together? What can be a test for their happiness?

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1. A woman who has already ceased to be addressed in transport: “Girl!”, Despite the tricks of time, in her soul remains the same girl. Above all, she wants to be liked. How nice to prove to yourself – and to everyone! – that you can still turn heads, that you are still able to give odds to young fools, whose main advantage is their freshness … Having won the heart of young Apollo, the woman demonstrates that she was able to defeat time. At least temporarily.
2. The young man, in turn, wants to feel not like a boy, but like a husband. He urgently needs to escape from the “children’s world”, where everything is not serious! He does not need a frivolous dummy nearby. He admires a sharp mind, rich experience, confident manners … And her body still looks very toned and young! And that earns more respect.

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3. Speaking of bodily … This is an important moment in the relationship of this couple! The ancient Chinese sages wrote about this: “autumn” and “spring” are the best suited to each other for mutual enrichment. And modern sexologists in this entirely agree with the Taoists.
In fact, the stages of the “sex schedule” of a man and a woman do not coincide. The hypersexuality of young men frightens their peers, who prefer romance in love. And at the age when female sexuality flourishes, men are no longer so hot – they don’t turn on half a turn. The peaks of the desires and needs of ladies and gentlemen fall on 35-40 years old in the first case – and 18-25 years old in the second. So in bed they will understand each other.
4. Perhaps each of them is a little out of his time. For him, rock and roll, the music of her youth, is closer than modern rhythms. And she, in turn, prefers to be interested not in knitting and TV, but in sports and travel.
5. Finally, each of them deep down needs care. And he will feel it better not from a windy and carefree girl, but from a skillful, attentive and responsible person. And she is not from a gentleman complaining about his lower back and tortured by a severe crisis, but from a young man, full of strength and not yet weathered chivalry.

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Not a single sane psychologist will say that a union of different ages is doomed only because of the passport difference. However, such relationships still have their own specific pitfalls.
1. In order to become the “most-most” for a partner, a woman has to make an effort. Constantly look after yourself, conduct fascinating conversations … After all, he chooses her precisely because she is unusual, not like everyone else. Now you need not to relax, keep in shape!
2. In most cases, in a couple where she is older, she becomes the “head of the family.” After all, such relationships are more often chosen by women who are prone to management and leadership, and by men who are ready for a “student” role. However, under the wing of an experienced partner, a young man quickly grows up. Soon he may wish for more independence.
3. Sooner or later, it will be necessary to refrain from mentioning the age, which itself may ask for on the tongue. Do not quit in haste: “Yes, what can you understand in this, you still don’t know life!” Or: “Of course, you argue like that, because at your age they don’t perceive anything new!” Be sure to learn delicacy and tolerance.
4. But, perhaps, the main danger of the union of “autumn and spring” is to succumb to the temptation to play “a loving mother and beloved son.” Still, they don’t sleep with moms …
5. Public opinion is a tricky thing. This does not mean that now you have to isolate yourself from the rest of the world. But still, you should always be ready for gossip. And don’t let them ruin the relationship.

Editor’s advice. A mature woman who has a young lover begins to look younger without any cosmetic tricks. We have such a feature: unconsciously imitate a partner. A maiden in love often adopts the habits of her beloved, delves into his tastes and interests … and, among other things, is quite capable of “catching” youth from him! However, partners belonging to different generations can differ significantly in both beliefs and interests. Therefore, the union of two people who had nothing in common except for a hot passion is unlikely to be strong and durable.

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