It is always difficult to start life from scratch, it is especially difficult to start all over again after parting with a loved one. However, psychologists are sure that everything is possible – you just need to behave correctly in this difficult period. Then you will be able to “collect” yourself faster: get rid of the past that interferes and follows on the heels of the past and quickly turn towards a brighter future.

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Past away!

What is past is past. Rather, get rid of the “material evidence” reminiscent of a happy life with an ex-boyfriend. Real items, cute souvenirs, and shared photos should go in the trash. By the way, you can leave the jewelry and fur coat donated to the former! In the empty photo frames, place images of the most important person in your life now – yourself.

Become a queen

Did your ex hate your bright lipstick and high heels? Excellent! Now that your home tyrant has disappeared and the trace is gone, it’s time to give a damn about all the prohibitions. Going to work or school every morning, feel like a queen. Change so that your ex bites his elbows in annoyance that he missed such beauty. Being engaged in the creation of a new image of a free, strong and beautiful woman, you yourself will not notice how sad thoughts about parting leave you forever.

Get new good habits

It is best to enter a new stage of life with new good habits, and leave old bad habits in the “past” life – in the same place where tears, quarrels and sadness remained after parting with a loved one. Now is the time to stop smoking, eating a lot of sweets or biting your nails. Instead, eat healthy, “love” walking and start doing morning exercises.